b"This course will provideprogram director required. EightPHY 2244 - Physical students with a practicalhours clinic per week.Science I, Lecture and approach to understanding andPre/corequisites: Admission intoLaboratory applying principles of healthone of the PHT/Navigator education communication to aConcentrations. PHT courses range of public health issues andmust be taken in curriculumCredit(s): 4 diverse populations. Studentsdisplay.(3,0,8) will employ these concepts and A combined lecture and skills for analyzing andPHT 2243 - Public Healthlaboratory course that includes evaluating current public healthstudies of measurements and and Agingunits, electricity, mechanics, education communication campaigns. Students will createheat, sound, light, and Credit(s): 3astronomy. Labs associated with a health education this course contain experiments communication campaign in This course is an overview ofand exercises that reinforce the both written and oral format. the interactive nature ofprinciples introduced in lecture Pre/corequisites: Admission into biological and cognitiveclasses. (4,3,2) one of the PHT/Navigator processes that occur in aging. Concentrations. PHT courses must be taken in curriculumBasic instruction related toPHY 2254 - Physical display.(3,3,0) public health include age-relatedScience Survey II, changes 221 in core humanLecture and Laboratory systems, common disease and the ramification related to the PHT 2233 - Public Healthaging process. Pre/corequisites:Credit(s): 4 Practicum IIAdmission into one of the PHT/Navigator Concentrations.A combined lecture and Credit(s): 3PHT courses must be taken inlaboratory course that includes curriculum display.(3,3,0)studies of chemistry, geology This course is designed forand meteorology. Labs Public Health majors as a pre- Physical Science andassociated with this course professional field experience toPhysics (PHY)contain experiments and broaden the student's publicexercises that reinforce the health perspectives and provideprinciples introduced in lecture experience in applying thePHY 1114 - Introductionclasses. (4,3,2) theory and content learned into Astronomy, Lecturetheir public health coursework.and Laboratory It is expected that fieldPHY 2414 - General experience II will continue toCredit(s): 4Physics I, Lecture and afford students the opportunityLaboratory to interact and collaborate withA combined lecture and public health professionals andlaboratory course that includes participate in actions thatCredit(s): 4 surveys of the solar system, our constitute public health. Integralgalaxy, and the universe. Labs to closing the loop on theA combined lecture and associated with this courselaboratory course covering learning process is thecontain experiments and opportunity for students tomechanics and conservation exercises that reinforce thelaws. This is a non-calculus reflect on the field experience.principles introduced in lecture Students will collaborate on thebased course primarily for pre-classes. (4,3,2)professional majors. Labs different infrastructures and approaches they observed atassociated with this course each field location. Consent ofcontain experiments and the Public Health Technologyexercises that reinforce the 407"