b"constructive confrontation); andIDT 1113 - IntroductionIDT 1211 - Expressive demonstrate skill in keepingto Interpretingand Receptive clinical records and in keepingFingerspelling simple statistics. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 1 HUS 2123 - AffectingDefines interpreting terms; listsSocial Changeand discusses code of ethics;This course will develop placement of interpreters inbeginning expressive and Credit(s): 3various settings; discussesreceptive fingerspelling skills environmental factors; andbased on word and phrase This seminar is designed todescribes the assessment andrecognition principles. assist students to become morecertification process. (3,3,0)Fingerspelling is an important effective as members of groupspart of communicating. (1,1,0) which interact with communityIDT 1123 - Foundation of change processes; analyze theDeafnessIDT 1224 - American ways groups operate; learn toSign Language I organize successful meetings;Credit(s): 3 learn to use tension creatively; learn how to utilize actionCredit(s): 4 This course will provide planning and evaluation;students with knowledge in develop group leadership skills;A developmental course, types of communicationmeaning that the students develop skill in making referralsproblems resulting from to and counseling with other(whatever their competency deafness, ease in mixing withlevel at the beginning of the community agencies; and staydeaf persons, occupational abreast of current social issuescourse) are expected to grow trends for the deaf, causes andcontinuously throughout the which affect the community.physiological aspects of Students are required tosemester. The students will deafness, and social barriersdevelop a high degree of complete 60 hours of field workfaced by deaf individuals. Deaf in an appropriate agency. (3,1,4)familiarity with and a respect for individuals and leaders in thethe usage of the basic principles community will be invited intoof American Sign Language HUS 2133 - Exploringthe classroom to discuss these (ASL) through nonverbal Social Issuestopics along with professionalscommunication techniques, eye working with the deaf in varioustraining, and fingerspelling. Credit(s): 3situations. The course is alsoAlso, students will be introduced designed for students majoringto the basic patterns of ASL This class is designed to exposein interpreting for the deaf,through discipline and students to conflicting views onteachers, teachers' aides, schoolinstruction. Corequisite: ENG major controversial socialcounselors, and so forth. This1113. (4,3,2) issues; to assist them incourse provides a review of a analyzing and understandingnormal mechanism of speechIDT 1234 - American both sides of an issue; and toand hearing and how they areSign Language II enable them to reach their ownaffected by hearing loss, as well conclusions in an atmosphereas an emphasis on the history of free of stereotypes anddeafness, trends in deafCredit(s): 4 reactionary responses. (3,3,0)education, and the deaf community and its culture.An introduction to Sign Interpreter Training(3,3,0)Language idioms and English idioms. This course will (IDT)introduce ways to express English idioms in signs and also the vocabulary for the sign 359"