b'IST 1433 - WebIST 1513 - SQLmultiple operating systems, and Development UsingProgrammingunderstanding the processes HTML & CSSrelated to data acquisition during Credit(s): 3investigations. (3,2,2). Credit(s): 3 This course is the first of a two- IST 1624 - NetworkThis course involves thepart series that offers students anSecurity Fundamentals application of variousextensive introduction to data professional and personal Webserver technology, covering theCredit(s): 4 design techniques. Students willconcepts of both relational and work with the latest WYSIWYGobject relational databases andThis course provides the editors, HTML editors,the structured query languagefundamental understanding of animation/multimedia products,(SQL).Students are taught tonetwork security principles, and photo editors.(3,2,2)retrieve data and produceimplementations, and the readable output.(3,2,2)concepts, models, and IST 1453 - Principles oftechnologies involved in Mobile App DevelopmentIST 1534 - Databasecreating a secure network Architecture andenvironment. Topics include, Credit(s): 3Administrationbut are not limited to, authentication, types of attacks and malicious code, and best This course is the first course inCredit(s): 4practices for securing a network a sequence of courses utilizingenvironment. Prerequisites: IST the Swift programmingThis course is the first of a two- 1134, IST 1143 (4,2,4) language.The emergence of apart series designed to give new generation of highly- students a firm foundation inIST 1633 - Wireless capable devices and platformsbasic database tasks enabling has opened up opportunities forthem to install, create, andSecurity and Privacy application developers.Mobilemaintain a database. Student development differs fromwill learn how to create anCredit(s): 3 conventional desktopoperational database and development in that mobileproperly manage the variousThis course provides the devices operate in a constrainedstructures. Prerequisites: ISTfundamental understanding of world with smaller screens,1513. (4,3,2)wireless architecture, security slower network connections, asprinciples, and the technologies well as limited memory andIST 1613 - Computerand principles involved in processing power.(3,2,2)Forensicscreating a secure wireless computer network environment. IST 1484 - FundamentalsTopics include wireless Credit(s): 3hardware, protocols, encryption, of Virtualization and how to prevent weaknesses This course is an introduction toin wireless technology. Credit(s): 4the various technical andPrerequisites: IST 1134 and IST administrative aspects of1624. (3,2,2) This course presents basiccomputer forensics and laws concepts of operating-systempertaining to cybercrime. ThisIST 1714 - Java virtualization, servercourse provides the foundation virtualization, cloning, teams,for understanding the key issuesProgramming Language and virtualassociated with computer networks.Prerequisite:ISTforensic investigations,Credit(s): 4 1124 and IST 1134. (4,3,2)understanding the boot processes and disk structure forThis introduction to the Java 365'