b'findings with principles ofCredit(s): 2proposals, multimedia epidemiology andpresentations, and other related pathophysiology across theKnowledge of operational rolesdocuments.(3,3,0) lifespan.At the conclusion ofand responsibilities to ensure this course, the student will besafe patient, public, andENG 1113 - English able to formulate a fieldpersonnel safety. (2, 2, 0)Composition I impression and implement a comprehensiveEMS 2934 - Paramedic Credit(s): 3 treatment/disposition plan for aCapstone patient with a medical This course prepares the student complaint.(4, 3, 2) Credit(s): 4to think critically and compose texts for academic and EMS 2566 - PracticumThis course serves as a capstoneprofessional rhetorical IIIexperience course at the end ofsituations. Prerequisite: ACT the Paramedic Program.ThisEnglish 17 or higher or Credit(s): 6course will include theEquivalent ACCUPLACER following topics: special needsscore in writing. (3,3,0) Under the supervision of anpatient populations, EMS approved program preceptor, theresearch, principles of publicENG 1114 - English student will continue to applyhealth, integration of leadership,Comp I the concepts developed in theand emerging roles in EMS.It didactic, laboratory, and clinicalwill also serve as a Credit(s): 4 settings to the care of patients incomprehensive review of thethe environment ofprogram.This course will This course prepares the student EMS.Prerequiste:EMSprovide the student with a final to think critically and compose 1525 (6, 9 clinical, 9 field)opportunity to incorporate their texts for academic and cognitive knowledge and professional rhetorical EMS 2715 - Concepts ofpsychomotor skills through situations. (4,3,2) Traumatic Medicinecumulative practical skill evaluations and a comprehensive FinalENG 1123 - English Credit(s): 5Examination.(4, 2, 4)Composition IIThis course will develop the English (ENG)Credit(s): 3 basis for the pathophysiology,identification, and treatment of traumatic emergencies includingENG 1033 - TechnicalThis course is a continuation of English Composition I with coverage of concepts related toEnglish emphasis on research, trauma systems and shock argumentation, and composition. management.These conceptsCredit(s): 3 Readings, essays, and a research will be examined in patients paper are required. ENG 1113 is across the life span.It alsoThis course is designed a prerequisite to ENG 1123. includes the trauma laboratoryspecifically for Career Tech (3,3,0) experience is designed to givestudents who are pursuing the psychomotor experience to theA.A.S. or A.A.S.O.E. degree. In theoretical concepts developedENG 1123H - Honors this course, students will focus in the lecture.(5, 3, 4)on appropriate writing forEnglish Composition II business and industry and will EMS 2912 - Concepts ofproduce technical documents,Credit(s): 3 EMS Operationswhich may include resumes, letters, emails, memos/reports,Course builds upon the skills 346'