b'mental processes. This includesquality in the process industry.regulatory compliance issues. history and theories ofStudents are introduced to(3,3,0) psychology, research methods,industry-related process biological bases of behavior, theconcepts including operatingPPT 1613 - Technical principles of learning,consistency, continuousCommunication personality and abnormalimprovement, plant economics, behavior. (3,3,0)team skills, and statistical Credit(s): 3 process control (SPS). (3,3,0)PSY 2553 - Psychology ofThis course includes an Personal AdjustmentPPT 1424 - Processapplication of written, oral, and Equipmentother forms of communication Credit(s): 3to the process technology Credit(s): 4industry. It includes instruction A course to aid in developing anand practice in written understanding of personalThis course includes Instructioncommunications (reports and adjustment with emphasisin the use of common processpresentations, procedures, placed on personal issuesequipment including piping,resumes, documentation, through life, love andvalves, rotating equipment suchtraining materials, etc.) and oral relationships, wellness, andas pumps, compressors, drivers,communications (presentations, career exploration. Prerequisite:and fixed equipment such asdirections/instructions, PSY 1513. (3,3,0)exchangers, tanks, drums, andfeedback, etc.). (3,3,0) vessels. (4,4,0) Process OperationsPPT 1713 - Process Technology (PPT)PPT 1434 - ProcessInstrumentation I Systems PPT 1133 - Intro toCredit(s): 3 Process TechnologyCredit(s): 4 This course is a study of the Credit(s): 3This course involves the studyinstruments and instrument of the interrelation of processsystems used in chemical This course is an introduction toequipment and process systemsprocessing industry including the types of process operationsincluding related scientificterminology, primary variables, within the process industry.principles. Prerequisite: PPTsymbols, and control loops. ( Topics include technician duties,1424. (4,4,0)3,3,0) responsibilities, and expectations; plantPPT 1513 - Safety HealthPPT 2113 - Oil and Gas organizations; the plantand EnvironmentProduction I processes and utility systems; and the physical and mentalCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 requirements of the process technician. (3,3,0)This course is designed toThis course includes an provide a development ofoverview of the petroleum PPT 1413 - Qualityknowledge and skills toindustry including exploration Conceptsreinforce attitudes and behaviorsand geology, well drilling, required for safe andwellhead operations, and Credit(s): 3environmentally sound workproduct distribution. Emphasis habits. Emphasis is placed onis placed on oil and gas A course to provide ansafety, health, andproduction. (3,3,0) introduction to the field ofenvironmental issues in the performance of all job tasks and 409'