b'routing, and other drafting roomDDT 1213 - ConstructionTerms and definitions used in procedures. Ninety hoursStandards and Materialsreading blueprints. Basic instruction. Three semestersketching, drawing, and hours (3,1,4)Credit(s): 3dimensioning of objects will be covered. (3,2,2) DDT 1153 - DescriptiveThis course introduces the Geometrystandards and materials used inDDT 1613 - Architectural the construction process. (3, 2,Design I Credit(s): 32) Credit(s): 3 Theory and problems designedDDT 1313 - Computer to develop the ability toAided Design IThis course is a study and visualize points, lines, anddevelopment of architectural surfaces of space. Ninety hoursCredit(s): 3design principles for a instruction. Three semesterresidential and/or commercial hours.(3,1,4)This course is designed tostructure utilizing a 2D or 3D develop basic operating systemapplication. Prerequisites: DDT DDT 1163 - Engineeringand drafting skills on CAD.1313, DDT 1323 or instructor Graphics(3,1,4)approval. (3,1,4) Credit(s): 3DDT 1323 - ComputerDDT 2153 - Civil Aided Design IIPlanning and Design This course provides an introduction to fundamentalsCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 and principles of drafting to provide the basic backgroundSubject areas includeThis course deals with the needed for all other draftingdimensioning, sectional views,development of civil planning courses. (3, 2 ,2)and symbols. Prerequisite:and design processes. DDT1313 (3,1,4)Prerequisite: DDT 1163, DDT DDT 1173 - Mechanical1313 and DDT 1323 (3,1,4) Design IDDT 1413 - Elementary DDT 2213 - Structural Credit(s): 3SurveyingDetailing I Credit(s): 3 Students will utilize techniquesCredit(s): 3 of modeling to create machineThis is a basic surveying course specific drawings. The coursethat deals with principles ofStructural section, terms, and emphasizes methods,geometry, theory, and use ofconventional abbreviations and techniques, and procedures (inleveling instruments;symbols used by structural presenting screws, bolts, rivets,calculations; the control andfabricators and erectors are springs, thread types, symbolsreduction of errors; and thestudied. Knowledge is gained in for welding, materials, finishunderstanding of land surveyingthe use of the A.I.S.C. and heat treatment notation,history. (3,1,4)Handbook. Problems are studied working order preparation,that involve structural designing routing, and other industryand drawing of beams, columns, procedures) used in mechanicalDDT 1513 - Blueprintconnections, trusses, and bracing design. Ninety hours ofReading I(steel, concrete, and wood). instruction. Prerequisite:Students will utilize 2D or 3D DDT1163 and DDT1313 (3,1,4)Credit(s): 3software. Prerequisite: DDT336'