b"Credit(s): 6introduction to the nursing process and Maslow's Hierarchy MUS 2920 - Recital ClassThis course is designed to assistof Need provides a decision-IVhealth care professionals tomaking framework to assist transition into the role of thestudents in developing effective registered nurse. The courseclinical judgment skills with Credit(s): 0 focuses on nursing concepts andconsideration of role delineationevidence based clinicalfor the licensed practical nurse Performances of solo and decisions as the eight programand the registered nurse. ensemble literature by students constructs are introduced,Prerequisites: Admission majoring in music. Attendance assessed, developed, andCriteria and coursework:ENG at a prescribed minimum expanded throughout the course.1113; PSY 1513; BIO 2514; number of departmentally Upon successful completion, theBIO 2924. (8,4,12) approved musical performances student will matriculate into per semester also required.semester three of the ADNNUR 1121 - Dosage Program (5 week summerCalculations course). Prerequisites: Associate Degree NursingAdmission Criteria and (NUR)coursework:ENG 1113; ENGCredit(s): 11123; PSY 1513; BIO This course focuses on math NUR 1115 - Introduction2514*; BIO 2524; BIO 2924; skills needed to compute to RN TransitionalNUR 1115 (NUR 1115 isdosages and administer required of EMS-Paramedics medications. The student is and Respiratory Therapist-to-Credit(s): 5provided with the opportunity to RN students only). (6,4,6) develop math skills necessary to This course is designed tocompute medication dosages. introduce the framework of theNUR 1118 -Emphasis will be placed on nursing process to non-nurseFundamentals of Nursingdelineation of skills required for health care providers desiring toPracticemedication administration as a transition into the role of thelicensed practical nurse as well registered nurse. FundamentalCredit(s): 8as a registered nurse. Role nursing concepts related to roledelineation will be clearly transition and the introduction ofThis course provides andefined to ensure scope of nursing practices will beintroduction to nursing and rolespractice for nurses. emphasized along with essentialof the nurse, as well asPrerequisites: Admission nursing core competenciesprofession related and clientCriteria and coursework:ENG including the knowledge, skills,care concepts. Emphasis is1113; PSY 1513; BIO 2514; and abilities to provide safeplaced on the knowledge andBIO 2924. (1,1,0) nursing practice with care,skills needed to provide safe, competence, and compassion (5quality care within the scope ofNUR 1131 - week summer course).practice of the licensed practicePharmacology Prerequisites: Admissionnurse and the registered nurse. Criteria and coursework: ENGThe theoretical foundation for 1113; ENG 1123; PSY 1513;Credit(s): 1 basic assessment and nursing BIO 2514*; BIO 2524; BIOskills is presented, and the 2924. (5,3,6)This course provides an student is given an opportunityintroduction to the principles of to demonstrate these skills in apharmacology, including: NUR 1116 - Health Careclinical laboratory setting withpharmacokinetics, Professionals to RNconsideration of role delineationpharmacodynamics, medication Transitionalfor the licensed practical nurseinteractions and potential and the registered nurse. An 400"