b'Development of music sight- ensemble literature by studentsMUS 2513 - Music for singing, ear training andmajoring in music. AttendanceElementary Teachers dictation skills. (4,3,2)at a prescribed minimum number of departmentallyCredit(s): 3 MUS 1224 - Musicapproved musical performances Theory II, Lecture/Labper semester also required.Designed for the needs of the elementary education student. Credit(s): 4MUS 1920 - Recital ClassEssentials of public school IImusic; study of the Continued study and review offundamentals of music. Reading functional harmony throughCredit(s): 0music notations and analysis, part- terminology. (3,3,0) writing.Development of musicPerformances of solo and sight-singing, ear training andensemble literature by studentsMUS 2811 - Music dictation skills.Labmajoring in music. AttendanceTheatre Workshop III Instruction.Prerequisite: MUSat a prescribed minimum 1214 (4,3,2)number of departmentallyCredit(s): 1 approved musical performances MUS 1811 - Musicper semester also required. The workshop is designed to Theatre Workshop I introduce and engage students in all facets of music theatre. One Credit(s): 1MUS 2214 - Musicperformance will be given each Theory III, Lecture/Labsemester. Open to music majors The workshop is designed toand non-music majors. (1,1,0) introduce and engage studentsCredit(s): 4 in all facets of music theatre.MUS 2821 - Music One performance will be givenContinued study and review ofTheatre Workshop IV each semester. Open to musicfunctional harmony through majors and non-music majors.analysis and part-writing. LabCredit(s): 1 (1,1,0)instruction. Development of music sight-singing, ear trainingThe workshop is designed to MUS 1821 - Musicand dictation skills.introduce and engage students in Theatre Workshop IIPrerequisites: MUS 1224 (4,3,2)all facets of music theatre. One performance will be given each Credit(s): 1MUS 2224 - Musicsemester. Open to music majors Theory IV, Lecture/Laband non-music majors. (1,1,0) The workshop is designed to introduce and engage students inCredit(s): 4MUS 2910 - Recital Class all facets of music theatre. OneIII performance will be given eachContinued study and review of semester. Open to music majorsfunctional harmony throughCredit(s): 0 and non-music majors. (1,1,0)analysis and part-writing. Introduction to twentieth centuryPerformances of solo and MUS 1910 - Recital Classtechniques. Lab instruction.ensemble literature by students IDevelopment of music sight- majoring in music. Attendance singing, ear training andat a prescribed minimum Credit(s): 0dictation skills. Prerequisites:number of departmentally MUS 1224 and MUSapproved musical performances Performances of solo and2214 (4,3,2)per semester also required.399'