b"Credit(s): 3CST 2123 - IT ServicingCST 2423 - Cloud Lab IIComputing II Fundamentals of mobile device support. Topics include anCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 overview of mobile computing history, modern mobileContinuation of IT ServicingContinuation of Cloud operating systems and relatedLab I with an increasedComputing I. Emphasis is software, types of devices andemphasis on system analysis andplaced on the installation, accessories, commondiagnosis of PC component andconfiguration, and management networking protocols, standards- software failures. Additionalof Cloud-based systems. (3,2,2) based wireless networking,emphasis will be placed on the cellular technology, and wirelessdiagnosis of hardware and network planning designCST 2913 - Special concepts. (3,2,2)software issues pertaining toProjects mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, and portable CST 1923 - MobileCredit(s): 3 computers, as well as printer and Device Support IInetwork technology concerns. Practical application of skills Prerequisite: CST 2113. (3,2,2) and knowledge gained in Credit(s): 3computer servicing and CST 2223 - Networkingtechnical-related courses. The Continuation of Mobile DeviceIIinstructor works closely with the Support I. Topics include mobilestudent to ensure that the device management concepts,Credit(s): 3selection of a project will application deployment,enhance the student's learning security, data protection bestContinuation of Networking I.experience. Prerequisites: practices and utilizing theTopics include further analysisConsent of Instructor. (3,0,6) troubleshooting methodology toof WAN technologies, in-depth proper diagnose various mobileTCP/IP terminology, virtual device technology concerns.Career Technical (3,2,2)private and remote accessEducation (CTE) concepts, overview of network security, integrity, and CST 2113 - IT Servicingmanagement concepts are alsoCTE 1113 - Occupational Lab Iintroduced. Prerequisite: CSTMath 1213. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 CST 2413 - Cloud Fundamentals of IT servicing.Computing IThis course is designed for Includes configuration, testapprentices to improve their equipment and software usage,basic math skills to increase basic disassembly and assemblyCredit(s): 3probability of success while in methods, preliminary tests andthe Apprenticeship Program. diagnostics, and schematicFundamentals of CloudTopics covered include general interpretation. Additionalcomputing. Topics include anmath fundamentals, emphasis will be placed onunderstanding of terms andmeasurement principles, troubleshooting methodologycharacteristics associated withalgebraic fundamentals, implementation on variousCloud technologies, an overviewfundamentals of plane geometry, hardware and software systems.of history, virtualization andand application of trigonometric Prerequisites or Corequisites:scalability, and foundationalfunctions. (3,1,3) knowledge of the Cloud CST 1123 CST 1333. (3,2,2)computing industry. (3,2,2) 333"