b"1513, and CPR-Health Careadministration. At all times,MET 2334 - Medical Provider certificationsafety is emphasized for theLaboratory for Medical health professionalAssistants MET 1323 - Clinicaladministering the medication Procedures IIand the patients receiving the medication. Accuracy isCredit(s): 4 stressed. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3This course covers techniques of the clinical laboratory including This course is a continuation ofMET 2224 - Computercompetent use of the microscope Clinical Procedures I and willConcepts for Medicaland understanding the theory further the student's knowledgeAssistantsand knowledge of the common of the more complex activitieslaboratory tests performed in the encountered in the physician'sCredit(s): 4physician's office. Students will office. The clinical dutiesdevelop proficiency in include maintaining surgicalThis course will introducelaboratory and quality assurance asepsis, instructing patients instudents to the capabilities of aprocedures including collection, preparation for radiologic andmedical practice managementpreparation and processing of sonographic studies, performingsoftware program typical ofspecimens. urinalysis, ECGs, preparing andthose currently used in doctor'shematology, and accurate administering medications asoffices. After completion of thisreporting of test results. (4,3,2) directed by the physician, andcourse, students will have providing mobility assistance.knowledge about working withMET 2613 - Clinical (3,2,2)patients accounts, insuranceReview claim forms, and handling MET 1413 - Medical Lawreports dealing with Credit(s): 3 and Ethicsmanagement of the medical practice. (4,2,4)This summary course is Credit(s): 3designed to review the skills, MET 2234 - Medicalknowledge, and abilities This course covers medical law,Insuranceacquired during the didacticum. ethics, and bioethics; the legalThis course will serve to assist relationship of the physician andCredit(s): 4the student in preparing for the patient; the legal responsibilitiescertification exam, with a review of the healthcare team includingThe purpose of this course is toof critical clinical skills and the patient; and the importanceacquaint the student withprofessional development issues. of professional liability. (3,3,0)different types of insurance(3,3,0) plans including commercial MET 1513 -plans, government plans,MET 2716 - Practicum Pharmacology fordisability, worker's Medical Asst.compensation, and managedCredit(s): 6 care plans. Practical approach to insurance billing, basic medicalThis course includes supervised Credit(s): 3 and insurance abbreviations,experience in medical offices toterminology, and ICD-9CM andprovide the student with a This course reflects basic theory CPT coding will be presented.comprehensive application of and clinical information related (4,3,2)administrative and clinical to drugs including classifications, source, dosagesskills. This course is designed to and measurements, regulatorygive the student an opportunity requirements, and basicto discuss, evaluate, and share principles of druglearning experiences and to 377"