b'Transfer Students 1.Submit the application for admission. 2.Have an official transcript from each institution attended mailed directly to the Director of Admissions. Student copies and/or facsimile (FAX) copies are not acceptable as official copies. 3.Applicants who have attended non-regionally accredited institutions may request credit by following the guidelines listed under "Credit by Non-Traditional Means." 4.Provide ACT scores or take the math and/or English sections of the ACCUPLACER before enrolling in college math and/or English classes for the first time. 5.Attend an appropriate orientation session as scheduled (not mandatory). 6.Applicants are not officially accepted until all admission requirements are met by providing proper documentation. Documentation must be provided before enrollment or the Friday of the 4th week of class. Students failing to do so may be placed on hold and denied continued enrollment. 7.All out-of-state/out-of-country/non-resident students should refer to the "Special Admissions" section for definitions and conditions that determine whether a student is a resident or non-resident student.Transfer credit earned from institutions that hold accreditation from one of the regional accrediting commissions in the United States will be considered for acceptance. Once admitted, transfer students will be under the same college probation, suspension, and re-admission policy as native students. Applicability of transfer work depends on the coincidence of transfer credit meeting requirements of MGCCC\'s degree programs or a particular program of study. Transfer work will be evaluated based on this factor. Evaluation of transfer work will be completed by Student Services personnel during the first semester of enrollment. Transient Students Transient Students are students actively pursuing a degree at another post-secondary institution who plan to take a course or courses at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College during the summer semester. This differs from a Transfer Student or a Re-entering Transfer Student who may be fully admitted to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College with the intention of transferring previously earned college credit and earning a degree with the College. To enroll as a Transient Student: 1.Submit the application for admission. 2.Submit a current letter of good standing and/or official transcript from current post-secondary institution directly to the Director of Admissions. Student copies and/or facsimile (FAX) copies are not acceptable as official copies.Students entering as Transient Students for multiple summer semesters must submit documentation for each semester of enrollment. 3.Students who wish to enroll in courses that require a pre-requisite or ACT sub score must show adequate proof of successful completion in the pre-requisite and/or official ACT score report.No more than 15 hours may be earned as a Transient Student. To enroll after 15 credit hours are earned, students must submit a new application for admission, be admitted as a Transfer Student and meet applicable admission requirements. Students entering as Transient are not eligible for financial aid and must complete all necessary admissions criteria for pre-registration eligibility.23'