b"Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 2MUA 2211 - Class Guitar III Voice for vocal music educationWoodwind instruction for music majors is designed to teach theeducation majors and advancedCredit(s): 1 fundamental principles ofnon-music majors with an singing, explore varied vocalemphasis on woodwindInstruction for beginning guitar literature, and develop andinstrumental playing. Designedplayer's that includes basic improve the student's vocalto teach the fundamentalaccompanying styles and an ability. (2,1,0)principles of playing, exploreintroduction to classical guitar moderate to advanced levels oftechnique. (1,1,0) MUA 1782 - Voice forliterature, develop the student's Vocal Music Educationinterest in playing, and strengthen the student's playingMUA 2212 - Class Guitar Majors IIability. (2,1,0)III (Major) Credit(s): 2MUA 2172 - Brass forCredit(s): 2Voice for vocal music educationMusic Education Majors Instruction for beginning guitar majors is designed to teach theIIIplayers that includes basic fundamental principles ofaccompanying styles and an singing, explore varied vocalCredit(s): 2introduction to classical guitar literature, and develop andtechnique. (2,2,0) improve the student's vocalBrass instruction for music ability. (2,1,0) education majors and advancedMUA 2221 - Class Guitarnon-music majors with an emphasis on brass instrumentalIV MUA 1872 - Woodwindsplaying. Designed to teach the for Music Educationfundamental principles ofCredit(s): 1 playing, explore moderate to Majors IInstruction for beginning guitar advanced levels of literature, develop the student's interest inplayers that includes basic Credit(s): 2playing and strengthen theaccompanying styles and an student's playing ability. (2,1,0)introduction to classical guitar Woodwind instruction for musictechnique. (1,1,0) education majors and advancedMUA 2182 - Brass for non-music majors with anMUA 2222 - Class Guitar emphasis on woodwindMusic Education Majors instrumental playing. DesignedIVIV (Major) to teach the fundamental principles of playing, exploreCredit(s): 2Credit(s): 2 moderate to advanced levels of literature, develop the student'sBrass instruction for musicInstruction for beginning guitar interest in playing, andeducation majors and advancedplayers that includes basic strengthen the student's playingnon-music majors with anaccompanying styles and an ability. (2,1,0)emphasis on brass instrumentalintroduction to classical guitar playing. Designed to teach thetechnique. (2,2,0) MUA 1882 - Woodwindsfundamental principles of playing, explore moderate toMUA 2272 - Guitar for for Music Education advanced levels of literature,Music Education Majors Majors II develop the student's interest inIII playing and strengthen the student's playing ability. (2,1,0) 394"