b'BIO 1514 - Principles ofcirculatory, respiratory,BIO 1721 - Biomedical Anatomy and Physiologydigestive, and urinary systems,Research II I (LEC/LAB)as well as reproduction and development. Labs associatedCredit(s): 1 with this course contain Credit(s): 4experiments and exercises that This course will provide reinforce the principlesstudents with the opportunity to A combined lecture andintroduced in lecture classes. laboratory course that providesperform a unique investigation (4,3,1)in the area of biomedical an introduction to the anatomical and physiologicalresearch of data, and technical BIO 1613 - Nutrition,skills such as micropipetting, study of the human body at the molecular, cellular, tissue,Lecturecentrifugation, organ, and organ system levels.spectrophotometric analysis, Organ systems covered in thisCredit(s): 3etc.Prerequisite:BIO 1711 (By course are the integumentary,invitation only.) (1,0,2) muscular, skeletal and nervousA lecture course covering the systems. Labs associated withnutrients required for normalBIO 2214 - Introduction this course contain experimentsgrowth and reducing risks ofto Marine Science and exercises that reinforce themajor chronic diseases, and(LEC/LAB) principles introduced in lectureapplied to the selection of food classes. (4,3,1)for ingestion, the metabolic process of digestion,Credit(s): 4 assimilation, and absorption, and BIO 1523 - Principles ofA combined lecture and Anatomy and Physiologytheir applications for healthcarelaboratory course providing an providers. Prerequisite: BIO II Lecture1134, BIO 2514 and BIOintroduction to oceanography 2524 recommended. (3,3,0)with an emphasis on the Credit(s): 3measurement of physical, BIO 1711 - Biomedicalchemical, and biological aspects A lecture course that provides anof the marine environment as Research Iwell as functional morphology introduction to the anatomical and physiological study of theand taxonomy of local marine human endocrine,Credit(s): 1biota. Labs associated with this cardiovascular, lymphatic andcourse contain experiments and immune, respiratory, digestive,This course will provide handsexercises that reinforce the and urinary systems, as well ason instruction of the necessaryprinciples introduced in lecture reproduction and development.skills in order to prepareclasses. Prerequisite: *(4,3,2) (3,3,0)students to launch a unique investigation in the area ofBIO 2231 - Applied BIO 1524 - Principles ofbiomedical research. This courseAquatic and Terrestrial focuses on the structural basics Anatomy and Physiologysuch as literature reviews,Ecology (LAB) II (LEC/LAB)elements of a research proposal/publication/presentatio Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 4n, experimental design, analysis of data, and technical skills suchA laboratory course that A combined lecture andas micropipetting,contains experiments and laboratory course that providescentrifugation,exercises that reinforce the an introduction to thespectrophotometric analysis,principles introduced in BIO anatomical and physiologicaletc.(By invitation only.) (1,0,2)2233 Applied Aquatic and study of human endocrine,Terrestrial Ecology Lecture. 316'