b"instruction in the repair of deck,This course is designed toof equations. Prerequisite: ACT hull and structure damages.provide students with theMath 19 or higher or equivalent (2,1,1)opportunity to utilize weldingACCUPLACER score. (3,3,0) skills in the maritime industry. MAR 1726 - IndustrialThe instructor and student workMAT 1314 - College Maintenance &closely together to select a topicAlgebra and establish criteria for Mechanical Skills for completion of the project. Energy TrainingCredit(s): 4 (3,2,2)Credit(s): 6This course includes Mathematics (MAT)inequalities; functions; linearApplication of oil & gas relatedand quadratic equations, circles, NOTE: Placement intoand their graphs; rational, systems. Emphasizes related tomathematics courses is based on equipment and devices used inradical, and higher-order ACT or COMPASS test scoresequations; applications; the oil & gas production field toand/or successful completion of solve and troubleshoot problemspolynomial and rational identified high schoolfunctions; logarithmic and in the field. The course will alsomathematics classes.cover the study of instruments,exponential functions. (4, 3, 2)instrument systems,MAT 1033 - Technical terminology, process variables, and control loops as used in a oilMathematicsMAT 1323 - & gas environment. (6,2,8)Trigonometry Credit(s): 3 MAR 1734 - Drilling RigCredit(s): 3 Floor Core SkillsThis course is intended for students enrolled in careerThis course includes technical education programs.Ittrigonometric functions and their Credit(s): 4includes a review of basic graphs; trigonometric identities; mathematics and topics fromtrigonometric equations; radian A study of practices andalgebra, geometry, statistics, and procedures for drillingmeasurement; solutions of right trigonometry with an emphasisand oblique triangles; inverse operations. Rig equipment,on real-world applications and casing design, fishing, andtrigonometric functions; measurement.Topics coveredapplications. Prerequisite: Two proper procedures toshould relate to the student's successfully drill a well areyears of high school algebra and program area.(3,3,0)one year of geometry. discussed. (4,1,6) Corequisite: MAT 1313. (3,3,0) MAT 1313 - College MAR 2431 - Rig Pass AlgebraMAT 1343 - Pre-Calculus Credit(s): 1 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Regulatory safety requirements and safety structures associatedThis course includesA review of college algebra and with the oil & gas industry.inequalities; functions; lineartrigonometry in preparation for (1,1,0)and quadratic equations, circles,Calculus I.Topics include and their graphs; rational,functions; solving equations; radical, and higher-orderlogarithmic and exponential WLT 1913 - Welding II equations; applications;functions; trigonometric polynomial and rationalfunctions; solving trigonometric Credit(s): 3functions; logarithmic andequations; graphing functions. exponential functions; systems(3,3,0) 374"