b'software packages andCredit(s): 3that will reach designated target exploration of e-commercemarkets. (3,2,2) concepts.(3,2,2)The study of effective marketing management decision makingMMT 2353 - Digital MMT 2133 - Softwarethrough case study analysis.Media Applications Essentials for E-Business(3,2,2) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3MMT 2313 - E-Commerce MarketingDesign and deliver multimedia Introductory course formarketing presentations through business computerCredit(s): 3the use of appropriate multimedia software and tools. graphics. Students willThis course introduces theTopics include marketing design learn how to create andfundamental opportunities andconcepts and related marketing enhance digital images forchallenges associated with e- communication strategies. business purposes. (3,3,0)commerce activities. Topics(3,1,4)include designing the userinterface, Web security, MMT 2213 - Principles ofelectronic payment systems,MMT 2423 - Retail Managementpromotion, legal issues, andManagement social media opportunities Credit(s): 3involved in creating a Credit(s): 3 functioning online businessStudy of the basic principles andpresence. (3,3,0) Introduction to retailing and the functions of organizationalretail management process. management with specialMMT 2323 - Internet(3,2,2) emphasis on planning,Marketing organizing, leading, andMMT 2513 - controlling. (3,3,0).Credit(s): 3 EntrepreneurshipMMT 2233 - HumanThis course introduces the Resource Managementonline application of marketingCredit(s): 3communications. Topics include Overview of key marketing Credit(s): 3basic website design, search concepts, methods, and strategic engine optimization, digital issues relevant to entrepreneurs The study of the objectives,promotions, email and social and the activities involved with organizational structure, andmedia marketing, and planning, establishing, and functions of human resourceopportunities and challenges managing a small business management. Emphasis isassociated with e-commerce enterprise. (3,2,2) placed on selection andactivities. (3,3,0) placement, job evaluation,MMT 2523 - Event training, education, safety,MMT 2343 - Marketing health, employer-employeeWeb Page DesignMarketing relationships, and employee services. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 MMT 2243 - MarketingUse creative marketingDesign a plan for special events, Case Studiesstrategies, concepts, andtrade and consumer shows, exhibitions, and conventions. techniques to design web sites, (3,2,2) 383'