b"Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3DET 1513 - Hydraulics IThis course provides instructionThis is a course designed toCredit(s): 3 on the 3D applications of Revitprovide diagnosis, service, and Architecture. It emphasizes therepair of electrical andThis is a course designed to development of 3D parametricelectronic systems on dieselprovide knowledge of basic models and the ability toengines, includes instruction inoperation and maintenance of generate 2D drawings, detailsgeneral systems diagnostics,hydraulic systems associated and renderings from the model.starting and charging systems.with diesel powered equipment, This course will also provide the(3,2,2)includes instruction in safety, animation walk thru of the 3Dsystem components, operation, building. (3,1,4)DET 1263 -and repair. (3,1,4) Electrical/Electronic DDT 2913 - SpecialSystems IIDET 1613 - Preventive ProjectMaintenance and Service Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 This is a course designed to Practical application of skillsprovide diagnosis, service, andThis is a course designed to and knowledge gained in otherrepair of electrical andprovide practice in the drafting courses. The instructorelectronic systems on dieselpreventive maintenance of diesel works closely with the student toengines, includes instruction onpowered equipment, includes ensure that the selection of alighting systems, gauges andinstruction in general preventive project will enhance thewarning devices, and relatedmaintenance of vehicles and student's learning experience.electrical systems. (3,1,4)equipment. (3,1,4) Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (3,0,6)DET 1364 - DieselDET 1713 - Air Systems IConditioning and Heavy Equipment Maintenance (DET)Heating Systems Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3 DET 1133 -This is a course designed to Fundamentals ofprovide diagnosis, service, andThis is a course designed to Equipmentrepair of basic engine operatingprovide diagnosis, principles, with an emphasis onservice, maintenance, and repair Credit(s): 3cylinder head and valve trainof power train units on engine block. (4,2,4)transportation equipment, This is a course designed toincludes instruction on clutch, provide review and update ofDET 1373 - Dieselmanual transmissions, drive safety procedures; tools andSystems IIshafts, and drive axles. (3,2,2) equipment usage; handling, storing, and disposing ofCredit(s): 3DET 1813 - Air hazardous materials; andConditioning and operating principles of dieselThis is a course designed toHeating Systems engines. (3,2,2)provide skills and knowledge related to the diagnosis, service,Credit(s): 3 DET 1223 -and repair of lubrication Electrical/Electronicsystems, cooling system, and airThis is a course designed to Systems Iinduction and exhaust systems.provide skills and knowledge (3,2,2) 338"