b'clinical experience) that providePTA 2513 - MedicalRespiratory Care supervised clinical experiencesConditions and RelatedTechnology (RCT) in demonstrating the attributesPathology and applying the skills that RCT 1213 - Respiratory prepare students for entry into the physical therapy profession.Credit(s): 3Care Science Prerequisite: Core Physical Therapist Assistant courses.This course provides a basicCredit(s): 3 (4,12 clinical) knowledge of selected diseasesand conditions encountered inThis course is designed to physical therapy practice.introduce the student respiratory PTA 2434 - ClinicalEmphasis is on etiology,care therapist to fundamental pathology, and clinical pictureelements important to the Education IIIof diseases studied. Various delivery of health care in a safe, physical therapy procedures inefficient, and professional Credit(s): 4each disability are discussed.manner. (3,3,0) Pre/corequisites: Fundamental This is the second of threeConcepts of Physical TherapyRCT 1223 - Patient culminating clinical education(PTA 1123) , Fundamental experiences that provideSkills for Physical TherapistAssessment and Planning supervised clinical experiencesAssistants (PTA 1213), in demonstrating the attributesKinesiology (PTA 1314),Credit(s): 3 and applying the skills thatTherapeutic Modalities (PTA prepare students for entry into1224), Electrotherapy (PTAThis course is a fundamental the Physical Therapy profession.2234), Clinical Education Iapproach to subjective and Prerequisite: Core Physical(PTA 2413), Therapeuticobjective evaluation, Therapist Assistant courses.Exercise and Rehabilitation Iassessment, and care plan (4,12 clinical) (PTA 1324), and Therapeuticformation for the individualExercise and Rehabilitation IIneeds of the patient. It is an (PTA 2334). (3,3,0) introduction to cardiopulmonary PTA 2444 - Clinical diseases including etiology, Education IVpathophysiology, complications, PTA 2523 - Physicaloccurrences, clinical manifestations, treatment, and Credit(s): 4Therapy Seminarprevention. (3,2,2)This is the third of threeCredit(s): 3RCT 1313 - culminating clinical education experiences (identified in aThis course represents aCardiopulmonary Normative Model of PTAsynthesis of previous didactic,Anatomy and Physiology Education as the last full-timelaboratory, and clinical clinical experience) that provideexperiences. Students areCredit(s): 3 supervised clinical experiencesdirected to explore a topic or in demonstrating the attributesarea of interest in physicalThis course is a study of and applying the skills thattherapy practice. Recognition ofcardiopulmonary anatomy and prepare students for entry intothe importance of employabilityphysiology in relation to the the Physical Therapyskills after graduation ispractice of respiratory care. profession. Prerequisite: Allincluded. Prerequisite: Four(3,3,0) Core Physical Therapistsemesters of core Physical Assistant and Clinical EducationTherapist Assistant course work.RCT 1322 - Pulmonary courses. (4,12 clinical) (3,3,0) Function Testing (PFT)412'