b"closely with the student toinfant and toddler caregivingand education of young children ensure that selection of a special(birth to 36 months) in groupthat includes health and safety project enhances the student'ssettings through classroomissues required by the learning experiences.laboratory or collaborativeMississippi Department of Prerequisite: Completion of onecenters. (4,3,2)Health (MDH) Regulations semester of coursework in theGoverning Licensure of Graphic Design TechnologyCDT 1224 - PreschoolChildcare Facilities and program (4,2,4).and Primaryreferenced in the Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale Development WDT 1413 - Web DesignRevised (ITERS-R) and Early Applications IChildhood Environmental Credit(s): 4Rating Scale Revised (ECERS-R). (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3This course provides knowledge concerning the care, Application of variousCDT 1713 - Language development, and education of professional and personal webthe preschool child in groupand Literacy design applications. Studentssettings and school age childrenDevelopment for Young will work with the latestin afterschool and summerChildren WYSIWYG editors,programming. Practice is given animation/multimedia products,in preschool children caregivingCredit(s): 3 and photo editors. (3,1,4)in group settings through classroom laboratory orThis course provides knowledge Early Childhoodcollaborative centers. (ages 38)of oral and written language Education (CDT)(4,3,2)development of young children and the strategies for the CDT 1113 - EarlyCDT 1313 - Creative Artsdevelopment and Childhood Professionfor Young Childrenimplementation of developmentally appropriate Credit(s): 3language and literacy Credit(s): 3experiences throughout theThis course provides knowledgecurriculum. The Mississippi This course is an introduction toEarly Learning Standards, Infant the profession of earlyof the creative arts and strategies for developing andToddler Standards, Infant childhood, types of earlyToddler Environmental Rating childhood programs, andimplementing creative art experiences, both as a means ofScale Revised (ITERS-R), and theories of child development.Early Childhood Environmental Students are required to developcreative expression and as a part of integrated learning withRating Scale Revised (ECERS-observational skills throughR) are utilized. Activities will be laboratory experience. (3,2,2)children birth to age eight. Experiences will beimplemented during Practicum. implemented during Practicum.(3,3,0) CDT 1214 - Infant and (3,3,0) Toddler DevelopmentCDT 2233 - Guiding CDT 1343 - Child Health,Social and Emotional Credit(s): 4Safety and NutritionBehaviorThis course provides knowledge concerning the care andCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 development of infants and toddlers in early childhoodThis course provides knowledgeThis course provides knowledge programs.Practice is given inof general health, safety, andof the typical behaviors of nutrition practices in the careyoung children at each stage of 323"