b"as creaming, tempering,applied. The properties ofBPT 2913 - Supervised foaming, product knowledge,scaling, mixing, production andWork Experience in and terminology. Provide skillsbaker's percentage are studied.Baking and Pastry Arts in the production of churned andBaking methodology, frozen desserts. (4,2,4)fermentation, proper mixing and production are emphasized.Credit(s): 3 BPT 1234 - Classic(4,2,4) This course is a cooperative Pastry, Pies and Tartsprogram between industry and BPT 2324 - Advanced education and is designed to Credit(s): 4Cakes and Patisserieintegrate the student's technical studies with industrial This course is designed toCredit(s): 4experience. Variable credit is provide students with theawarded on the basis of one fundamental knowledge ofThis course is designed forsemester hour per 45 industrial producing various pies, puffstudents to apply fundamentalcontact hours. (3,0,9) pastry, pate a choux, custards,skills of icing cakes in creating creams and tarts utilizingspecial occasion cakes.Graphic Design traditional methods. This courseEmphasis is placed onTechnology (CAT) will also include platter anddeveloping skills in making plate design arrangements forvarious flowers out of modeling different menu styles. (4,2,4)chocolate, marzipan and gumCAT 1113 - Graphic paste. Students are introduced toDesign and Production I BPT 1314 -covering and glazing special Restaurant/Cateringoccasion cakes with rolledCredit(s): 3 Operationsfondant and build their piping skills through intricate patternsAn introduction to the skills of and techniques. (4,2,4)design, typography, and the Credit(s): 4fundamentals needed of the BPT 2334 - Chocolates,graphic artist. The course will Principles of organizing andprovide selected experiences managing a food and beverageConfections Sugar operation. This course includesArtistryinvolving design, simple design, printing processes, industry instruction on how to operate aspecifications, and industry baking and/or pastryCredit(s): 4production formats for mass operation/department for a retaildistribution. (3,0,6) market. (4,2,4)This course is designed as a production and history of CAT 1123 - Graphic BPT 2214 - Artisanchocolate and other confection techniques necessary to workDesign and Production II Breads and Viennoiserie with chocolate and sugar. Various candies are to be handCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4dipped or molded into form. Sugar artistry to includeA continuation of Graphic This course is designed topastillage- blown, pulled orDesign and Production I with provide students with thepoured while in production.concentration on color printing, knowledge, skills andEdible centerpiece showcasesindustry terminology and techniques of artisan breads anddesign explored. (4,2,4)standards, corporate identity, viennoiserie production.and branding with continued Laminated doughs, quickemphasis on design, typography, breads, yeast breads, rolls andand balance. The course will savory quick breads products,utilize current computer techniques and skills are 321"