b'A study of the InternationalCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Phonetic Alphabet and training in the phonetic transcription ofTechniques in the application ofAn introduction of the cultural, speech for improvement ofmakeup for the stage. (3,3,0)historical and social aspects of voice and diction. Includesdrama. Class content provides physical characteristics andSPT 2111 - Forensics IIIan appreciation of theatre and production of sounds inperformance art to develop American English, auditoryCredit(s): 1audience standards through training, articulation anddemonstration of the unique standard pronunciations, andA continuation of SPT 1141.characteristics of theatre. A fine voice production. (3,3,0)(1,1,0)arts elective. (3,3,0) SPT 1223 - Movement forSPT 2143 - OralSPT 2241 - Drama the ActorInterpretationProduction III Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1Technique for stage movementTraining is given in theParticipation in college drama. for the actor.(3,3,0)techniques of oral interpretativeRequired for theatre majors. presentation, its theories andDrama Production. (1,1,0) SPT 1233 - Acting Ipractices. (3,3,0) SPT 2251 - Drama Credit(s): 3SPT 2173 - InterpersonalProduction IV Communication An introduction to the basicCredit(s): 1 techniques of acting for the Credit(s): 3 stage.(3,3,0)Participation in college drama.Theory and analysis of dyadicRequired for theatre majors. SPT 1241 - Dramarelationships (one-on-one(1,1,0) Production Iinteractions). The course explores topics such asSPT 2263 - Directing Credit(s): 1perception, listening, conflict management, relationshipCredit(s): 3 Participation in college dramabuilding and maintenance, and productions. Required forrelational power. (3,3,0)The student will learn the theatre majors. (1,1,0)fundamentals of directing such SPT 2223 - Stagecraftas script analysis, SPT 1251 - Dramaconceptualization, staging Production IICredit(s): 3scheduling and communication. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 1Implementation and application of all technical elements ofSPT 2313 - Playwriting Participation in college drama.production, design, and Required for theatre majors.operation. (SPT 1241, 1251,Credit(s): 3 (1,1,0)2241, or 2251 is required). (3,3,0)Practice in the fundamentals of SPT 1273 - Theatricaldramatic composition. Reading, MakeupSPT 2233 - Theatrediscussion, and analysis of Appreciationwritten work, as well as an 418'