b"Credit(s): 3MUA 1182 - Brass forintroduction to classical guitar Music Education Majorstechnique. (1,1,0) This course provides in-depthII insight into the overallMUA 1222 - Class Guitar shipbuilding process.(3,2,2)II Credit(s): 2 MTA 2664 - Marine Brass instruction for musicCredit(s): 2 Systems Integration foreducation majors with and Maritimeadvanced non-music majorsInstruction for beginning guitar with an emphasis on brassplayer's that includes basic Credit(s): 4instrumental playing. Designedaccompanying styles and an to teach the fundamentalintroduction to classical guitar The course will place anprinciples of playing, exploretechnique. (2,2,0) emphasis on the integration ofmoderate to advanced levels of hull and machinery systems intoliterature, develop the student'sMUA 1272 - Guitar for a complete vessel package. Theinterest in playing andMusic Education Majors design and analysis of generalstrengthen the student's playingI guidance, hull structure,ability. (2,1,0) propulsion, electrical, command Credit(s): 2 and surveillance, auxiliaryMUA 1211 - Class Guitarsystems, outfitting andIGuitar for music education furnishing and armament are majors with guitar as their area investigated. Included is theCredit(s): 1of emphasis. Introduction study of equipment installation,to guitar technique, repertoire plating, bulkheads, propulsionInstruction for beginning guitarand performance of standard systems, power generation, andplayer's that includes basicliterature. (2,1,0) combat systems HVAC, andaccompanying styles and an weapons management. (4,3,2)introduction to classical guitar MUA 1282 - Guitar for technique. (1,1,0)Music Education Majors Music/Applied (MUA) MUA 1212 - Class GuitarII MUA 1172 - Brass forI Music Education MajorsCredit(s): 2ICredit(s): 2Guitar for music education majors with guitar as their area Credit(s): 2Instruction for beginning guitarof emphasis. Introduction player's that includes basicto guitar technique, repertoire Brass instruction for musicaccompanying styles and anand performance of standard education majors with andintroduction to classical guitarliterature. (2,1,0) advanced non-music majorstechnique. (2,2,0) with an emphasis on brassMUA 1472 - Percussion instrumental playing. DesignedMUA 1221 - Class Guitarfor Music Education I to teach the fundamentalII principles of playing, explore moderate to advanced levels ofCredit(s): 2 Credit(s): 1 literature, develop the student's Percussion instruction for music interest in playing and Instruction for beginning guitarmajors and advanced non-music strengthen the student's playing player's that includes basicmajors with an emphasis on ability. (2,1,0) accompanying styles and anpercussion instrumental playing. 392"