b"setting. The course is a capstoneCEV 1513 - Grade Workcompleted one year of high course which focuses on theIschool chemistry and one year student's demonstration ofof algebra, (3) ACT math score competencies throughout theCredit(s): 3of 19 or higher, (4) satisfactory daily routine using a unit ofscore on challenge exam, (5) study for young children. It isSetting and checking of gradeCorequisite:MAT 1313 or usually the last course takenstakes that are used on job sites.higher(4,3,2) before completion of theInstruction and practice of program. (3,0,8)transferring elevations are alsoCHE 1224 - General included. (3,1,4)Chemistry II, Lecture Construction Equipmentand Laboratory Operations (CEV)CEV 1524 - Grade Work IICredit(s): 4 CEV 1212 - Safety I Credit(s): 4A combined lecture and Credit(s): 2laboratory course that covers Additional instruction andsolutions, kinetics, equilibria, Personal safety, fire safety, andpractice regarding the settingthermodynamics, acid-base rules for safety of each machineand checking grades. Alsochemistry, and electrochemistry. to include pre-start, operational,instruction and practice on theLabs associated with this course post-operation, and traffic.compaction of various materials.contain experiments and (2,1,2)(4,1,6)exercises that reinforce the principles introduced in lecture CEV 1415 - EquipmentChemistry (CHE)class. Prerequisite: CHE 1214. Operation I(4,3,2) CHE 1214 - GeneralCHE 1314 - Principles of Credit(s): 5Chemistry I, Lecture and Chemistry I, Lecture and This course focuses on theLaboratoryLaboratory application of proven management principles andCredit(s): 4Credit(s): 4 techniques to the management of safety and health and lossA combined lecture andA combined lecture and control programs. (5,1,8)laboratory course that covers thelaboratory course that fundamental principles of emphasizes basic terminology, CEV 1426 - Equipmentchemistry and their application.measurement, atomic structure, Chemical nomenclature, Operation IIperiodic table, chemical chemical reactions, bonding, stoichiometry, energy stoichiometry, atomic structure, Credit(s): 6bonding theories, energy,and states of matter. Labs periodic properties, and gas lawsassociated with this course Operation of the dozer, loader,are among the topics discussedcontain experiments and and excavator. Includes thein depth. Labs associated withexercises that reinforce the controls and basic skillsthis course contain experimentsprinciples introduced in lecture performed with each machineand exercises that reinforce theclasses. (4,3,2) and completing assignments byprinciples introduced in lecture verbal and written instructions.classes. Prerequisites: TheCHE 1324 - Principles of (6,1,10)student must meet one or moreChemistry II, Lecture of the following requirements:and Laboratory (1) completed CHE 1314, (2) 325"