b"language idioms. ContinuationCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 of building student's sign language vocabulary is aFurther study of the skills ofAccuracy and clarity in primary interest of this course.transmitting Englishexpressive interpreting at a Deaf resource persons, videointo Conceptually Accurateconversational speed. Refine tapes and other related materialsSigned Englishand build English-to-ASL skills. will be included.(CASE). Prerequisites:IDTRole-play and videos of actual Prerequisite:IDT 1224. (4,3,2)1253. (3,3,0)experiences will be used. Corequisite:IDT 2243 (3,3,0) IDT 1253 -IDT 2313 - Sign-to-Voice Transliterating IInterpreting IIDT 2343 - Sign-to-Voice Interpreting II Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Studies skills required toClassroom work giving verbatim transmit English intotranslations and sign-to-voiceContinue classroom work giving Conceptually Accurate Signedmaterials. There is an emphasisverbatim translations and sign-English (CASE). (3,3,0)on the use of tapes andto-voice materials. There is an simulated situations. Vocabularyemphasis on the use of tapes and IDT 2243 - Americandevelopment, word endings, andsimulated situations. Vocabulary Sign Language IIIuse of temporary signs aredevelopment, word endings, and discussed. Students will learn touse of temporary signs are translate simultaneously fromdiscussed. Students will learn to Credit(s): 3 manual English to spokentranslate simultaneously fromEnglish and learn to interpretmanual English to spoken An advanced- level course in from American Sign LanguageEnglish and to interpret from American Sign Language (ASL) to spoken English whileAmerican Sign Language (ASL) (ASL). Will expand sign keeping appropriate Englishto spoken English while keeping vocabulary to include English diction. Prerequisite:IDTappropriate English diction. and deaf idioms and proper use 2243 (3,3,0)(3,3,0) in both languages. Concentration will be on proficiency in both ASL andIDT 2323 - EducationalIDT 2353 - Interpreting methods of simultaneousInterpretingin Special Situations translation of hearing-impaired people who communicate inCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 various forms of manual English. Increased emphasis willStudies techniques and ethicsThis course includes lectures be placed on the development ofinvolved in educationaland observation of interpreters native-like fluency. Instructionsinterpreting, focusing on specialin various settings, including through conversationalsettings, code of conduct,educational, legal, medical, techniques incorporatingphysical arrangements andreligious, platform, deaf-blind, additional principles andresources for educationalmental health, and so forth. vocabulary items.interpreters. Further study of thePrerequisite: Approval of Prerequisite: IDT 1224, IDTskills of transmittinginstructor. (3,3,0) 1234. (3,2,2)English into Conceptually Accurate Signed EnglishIDT 2363 - Artistic IDT 2263 -(CASE). (3,3,0)Interpreting Transliterating II IDT 2333 - InterpretingCredit(s): 3360"