b'acquired in first semesterits beginnings to the Civil War.ENG 2423 - World composition. Special attention isPrerequisite:ENG 1123. (3,3,0)Literature I given to critical reading of selections from various literaryENG 2233 - AmericanCredit(s): 3 genres, written analysis basedLiterature II upon the selections, using theThis course surveys texts library, and documentedCredit(s): 3representative of global, research writing. Enrollment byhistorical, and cultural diversity invitation. (3,3,0)ENG 2233 surveysfrom the ancient world through representative prose and poetrythe early modern world. ENG 2133 - Creativeof the United States from thePrerequisite: ENG 1123H or Writing ICivil War to the present.ENG 1123. (3,3,0) Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or Credit(s): 3ENG 1123. (3,3,0)ENG 2423H - Honors World Literature I ENG 2133 involves reading andENG 2323 - British writing poetry, short fiction,Literature ICredit(s): 3 and/or other genres. Prerequisite:ENG 1123H orCredit(s): 3Designed for students who have ENG 1123. (3,3,0)a special interest in World This course surveys BritishLiterature and who have at least ENG 2143 - Creativeliterature from the Anglo-Saxona "B" average in Freshman Writing IIPeriod through the RestorationComposition. A survey of and Eighteenth Century.selected writing of the Ancient Credit(s): 3Prerequisite:ENG 1123 orWorld period, Middle ages, and ENG 1123H. (3,3,0)the Renaissance. (Enrollment ENG 2143 involves reading andthrough invitation.) Prerequisite: writing poetry, short fiction,ENG 2333 - BritishENG 1123 or ENG 1123H. and/or other genres. (3,3,0)Literature II(3,3,0) ENG 2153 - TraditionalCredit(s): 3ENG 2433 - World GrammarLiterature II This course surveys British Credit(s): 3literature from the RomanticCredit(s): 3 Period to present. This course focuses on the basicPrerequisite: ENG 1123H orThis course surveys texts elements of English grammarENG 1123. (3,3,0)representative of global, and mechanics. Prerequisite:historical, and cultural diversity ENG 1123 or ENGENG 2333H - Honorsfrom the Enlightenment Period 1123H. (3,3,0)British Literature IIto the present. Prerequisite: ENG 1123H or ENG 1123. ENG 2223 - American(3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 Literature I ENG 2333 surveys BritishENG 2513 - African-Credit(s): 3Literature from the RomanticAmerican Literature Period through the Twentieth Surveys representative prose andCentury. Prerequisite: ENGCredit(s): 3 poetry of the United States from1123H. (3,3,0) ENG 2513 surveys literature of 347'