b'MTA 1153 - Introductionconcentrated in the latter half ofMTA 1214 - Rigger Shop to Shipbuilding andthe course.(3,2,2)II Blueprint Reading MTA 1174 - IntroductionCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3to Paint Rigger Shop II introduces This course emphasizes theCredit(s): 4intermediate rigging, wire rope, essentials required toboom assembly and successfully interpret blueprintsThis course provides thedisassembly, and basic and the techniques, views,fundamentals of paint andprinciples of cranes.(4,3,2) layouts, dimensions andcoatings processes and symbols used on blueprints forprocedures as they relate toMTA 1223 - Blueprint the maritimeshipbuilding.It reviewsReading for Shipfitter industry.Additional focus is onindustry standards, safety, terminology, planning, andquality and processes includingCredit(s): 3 processes of ship construction,basic abrasive blasting, spray and the evolution of shippainting, brush painting andThis course is an introduction to design.(3,2,2)rolling, machine cleaning,the fundamentals of blueprints, masking, and de- reading, interpreting, and MTA 1163 - Advancedmasking.(4,3,2)understanding blueprints.The Pipe Weldingstudents will develop an MTA 1183 - Introductionunderstanding of the different Credit(s): 3to Joiner and Sheet Metaltypes, sizes, and parts of various drawings as they relate to the The Advanced Pipe weldingCredit(s): 3shipfitting craft.(3,2,2) course will provide an introduction to general safetyThis course provides the basicMTA 1233 - Flux Cored considerations that apply toskills needed in order to performArc Welding welding and metal cutting,as an entry level Joiner welding symbols, readingApprentice.The course beginsCredit(s): 3 welding detail drawings,with the use of basic tools, welding quality, base metalinterpreting tape measures,This course is designed to give preparation, physicalpower tools, ship navigation andthe student experience using the characteristics and mechanicalintroduction toFCAW process.(3,2,2) properties of metals andblueprints.(3,2,2) preheating and post weld heatMTA 1244 - Introduction treatment of metals.It willMTA 1194 - Rigger Shop continue with plasma arcIto Shipfitting cutting, shielded metal arc welding (SWAW) stainless steelCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4 groove welds, and principles of safe oxyfuel cutting.It finishesThis course is designed to Rigger Shop I introduces riggingprovide students an introduction with gas metal arc welding andcommunications, basic flux-cored arc welding (FCAW)to shipfitting, which includes principles of cranes, craneclassroom training, welding equipment and filler metals,safety, basic rigging, rigging FCAW-pipe, and air carbon arccertification, and hands-on equipment and riggingapplication.This course covers cutting (CAC-A) andpractices.(4,3,2) gouging.Lab exercises will besafety equipment, protective comprehensive and will beclothing, and procedures applicable to the cutting and 387'