b'MTA 1443 - Materialdecision-making tools andobtaining an Managementconcepts will be used for findingemployment.Students will have cost reduction and strategicthe opportunity to earn NCCER Credit(s): 3opportunities. (3,2,2)credentials for each module and performance task that is This course provides managerialMTA 1483 - Principles ofsuccessfully completed.(3,2,2) information concerningMaritime Marketing inventory information systems,MTA 1623 - Metal managerial tools and techniques,Credit(s): 3Lagging the warehouse environment, and distribution planning andStudy of principles andCredit(s): 3 control.(3,2,2)problems of marketing in the maritime industry and a reviewThis course is designed to MTA 1453 - Purchasingof maritime methods ofprovide the Apprentice with the distribution from producer tofundamentals of layout, cutting, Credit(s): 3consumer. Topics include types,forming, and fabrication of sheet functions, and practices ofmetal.(3,2,2) This course providesmaritime business and efficient information about thetechniques in the developmentMTA 1633 - Project purchasing function.Emphasisand expansion of markets.Management is placed on vendor analysis,(3,2,2) negations, system contracts,Credit(s): 3 public and marine purchasing,MTA 1493 - Maritime competitive bidding, andEmployee ManagementThis course is designed to personnel.(3,2,2)provide the Apprentice with the Credit(s): 3foundation skills needed to MTA 1463 - Supplyunderstand roles and Chain ManagementThe study of the objectives,responsibilities of construction, organizational structure, andsupervision and managing Credit(s): 3functions of maritime employeeprojects.(3,2,2) management. Emphasis is This course providesplaced on job evaluation,MTA 1643 - Production information concerning the flowtraining, education, safety,Planning and Control of products and informationhealth, supervisor-employee among producers, suppliers, andrelationships, and available Credit(s): 3 customers. Emphasis is placedmaritime employee services.on acquiring, purchasing, and(3,2,2) This course provides managerial distribution of goods andinformation regarding material services throughout the supplyMTA 1613 - Shipbuilderrequirements, capacity planning chain. (3,2,2)Explorationand control techniques, master production scheduling, and MTA 1473 - LogisticsCredit(s): 3techniques in cost Managementanalysis.(3,2,2) Shipbuilder Exploration is a Credit(s): 3multi-craft class that introducesMTA 1654 - Inspection students to the shipbuildingFundamentals This course is designed to helpindustry.Each craft will teach the student solve actualbasic safety responsibilities, Credit(s): 4 challenges they will encountercareer opportunities andin the marketplace. Basicexpectations involved in 390'