b"appropriate intrusion detectionCredit(s): 4familiarizes the student with and reporting features. (3,2,2).object-oriented programming This course presents local areaand a graphical integrated IST 1154 - Web andnetwork and wide area networkdevelopment environment. Programming Conceptsconnectivity. It focuses on(4,2,4). architectures, topologies, protocols, and transport methodsIST 1344 - IoT Credit(s): 4 of a network. Prerequisites: ISTFundamentals: 1134. (4,2,4) This course is an introduction toConnecting Things Web site development and programming logic. StudentsIST 1244 - Network Credit(s): 4 will gain hands-on experience inAdministration Using the development of computerMicrosoft WindowsThis course covers the programs. Upon completion ofServerdevelopment and creation of this course, students will be abledevices for a network. Topics to create a Web site. (4,2,4)Credit(s): 4include designing electronic circuits to writing code, the IoT IST 1163 - Database andThis course focuses on theprovides the platform for SQL Conceptsmanagement of a computervarious types of professionals to network using Microsoftdevelop, build, and implement Credit(s): 3Windows Server networkdevices to be integrated into a operating system. Emphasis willnetwork. It will explore devices This course is an introduction tobe placed on dailyand their connection to the IoT the design and manipulation ofadministrative tasks performed(Internet of Things). (4,2,4) relational databases. Emphasis isby a network administrator. placed on creation,(4,2,4).IST 1414 - Client-side manipulation, extraction, andProgramming display of data from existingIST 1253 - Network databases. QBE and SQL areAdministration UsingCredit(s): 4 explored. (3,2,2).Linux This course offers a IST 1213 - Clientcomprehensive understanding of Credit(s): 3 Installation andprogramming using JavaScript. ConfigurationThis course focuses on thePrerequisite: IST 1154 (4,2,4) management of a computer Credit(s): 3network using the LinuxIST 1424 - Web Design operating system. Emphasis isApplications This course is designed to helpplaced on installation, the student install, support, andconfiguration, implementation,Credit(s): 4 troubleshoot a current clientand administrative tasks of a operating system. Emphasis willfunctional server. (3,2,2)This course involves the be placed on common userapplication of various operations as well as theIST 1314 - Visual BASICprofessional and personal Web network administrator's supportProgrammingdesign techniques. Students will of the client. (3,2,2).work with the latest WYSIWYG Credit(s): 4editors, HTML editors, IST 1224 - CCNA 2:animation/multimedia products, Routing and SwitchingThis introduction to the Visualand photo editors. Prerequisites:IST 1433. (4,2,4) EssentialsBASIC programming language 364"