b"EET 2913 - SpecialElectrical TechnologyCredit(s): 3 Project(ELT) Principles and theories Credit(s): 3ELT 1113 - Residentialassociated with AC and DC circuits used in the electrical Wiringtrades. Includes the study of Practical application of skills and knowledge gained in otherelectrical circuits, laws, and Credit(s): 3formulas, and the use of test technical courses. The instructorequipment to analyze AC and works closely with the student toAdvanced skills related to theDC circuits. (3,1,4). ensure that the selection of awiring of single and multifamily project will enhance thebuildings. Includes instruction student's learning experience.ELT 1183 - Industrial Prerequisite: Consent ofand practice in service-entranceWiring installation, National Electrical instructor. (3,2,2)Coderequirements, and specialized circuits.Credit(s): 3 Engineering (EGR)Prerequisite:ELT 1123 (3,2,2) This course includes instruction EGR 2413 - EngineeringELT 1123 - Commercialand practice in the installation of industrial electrical services Mechanics IWiring including the types of conduit and other raceways, National Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Electrical Coderequirements, and three-phase distribution A lecture course covering theInstruction and practice in thenetworks. Prerequisite: ELT equilibrium of point objects andinstallation of commercial1113 (3,2,2)extended objects in two andelectrical services including thethree dimensions using vectortypes of conduit and other algebra. Also discussed areraceways, National ElectricalELT 1213 - Electrical distributed forces, structures,Coderequirements, and three-friction, and moments of inertiaPower phase distribution networks. in two and three dimensions.Prerequisites:ELT 1233. (3,2,2) Prerequisite: C or Higher in bothCredit(s): 3 MAT 1623 and PHY 2514.ELT 1133 - Applications (3,3,0)Electrical motors and their of the National Electricalinstallation. Instruction and EGR 2433 - EngineeringCodepractice in using the different types of electrical motors, Mechanics IICredit(s): 3transformers, and alternators. Prerequisite: ELT 1143. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3The course is designed to place emphasis on developing theELT 1223 - Motor A lecture course that coversstudent's ability to locate, kinematics of particles and rigidMaintenance and bodies, kinetics of particles andinterpret and properly applyTroubleshooting information in the National rigid bodies using force-massElectrical Code in real-world acceleration, energy, andapplications. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 momentum methods. Prerequisites: EGR 2413 andPrinciples and practice of ELT 1143 - AC and DC credit or enrollment in MATelectrical motor repair includes 2613, Calculus III. (3,3,0)Circuits for Electricaltopics on the Technologydisassembly/assembly and preventive maintenance of 342"