b'Pre/corequisites: FundamentalThis course provides antherapeutic exercise and Concepts of Physical Therapyoverview of the biochemical andrehabilitation for primarily (PTA 1123). (3,2,2) neurophysiological basis andneurological conditions.application of variousMethods of functional, motor, therapeutic exercises. The basicsand sensory assessment and PTA 1224 - Therapeuticof therapeutic exercise areintervention techniques are Modalitiescorrelated with specificincluded. Principles of conditions. This course focusesprosthetics and orthotics, on rehabilitation techniques infunctional training, and other Credit(s): 4 the treatment of a variety oftechniques are covered.selected conditions. SpecializedPre/corequisites: Fundamental This course is an introduction to exercise procedures areConcepts of Physical Therapy the theory and practical emphasized. Pre/corequisites:(PTA 1123), Fundamental Skills application of hydrotherapy, Fundamental Concepts offor Physical Therapist Assistants thermotherapy, cryotherapy, Physical Therapy (PTA 1123),(PTA 1213), Therapeutic light therapy, and Fundamental Skills for PhysicalModalities PTA 1224), mechanotherapy. Emphasis will Therapist Assistants (PTAKinesiology (PTA 1314), be placed on the technique of 1213), Therapeutic ModalitiesTherapeutic Exercise and application, indications, and (PTA 1224), and KinesiologyRehabilitation I (PTA 1324), contraindications of modalities. (PTA 1314). (4,3,2) and Clinical Education I (PTA Pre/corequisites: Fundamental2413). (4,3,2)Concepts of Physical Therapy (PTA 1123), Fundamental Skills for Physical Therapist AssistantsPTA 2234 - (PTA 1213), Kinesiology (PTAElectrotherapy 1314). (4,3,2) PTA 2413 - ClinicalCredit(s): 4 Education I PTA 1314 - KinesiologyThis course emphasizes theory and practical application ofCredit(s): 3 electrotherapy and other Credit(s): 4This course provides supervised therapeutic procedures. Indications andclinical experiences in This course studies individualdemonstrating the attributes and muscles and muscle functions,contraindications of modalities are also discussed. Prerequisites:applying the skills for which biomechanical principles of jointstudents have been deemed motion, gait analysis,Fundamental Concepts of Physical Therapy (PTA 1123,competent for the clinical goniometry, and posturalsetting. Prerequisite: Core assessment. Pre/corequisites:Fundamental Skills for Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAPhysical Therapist Assistant Fundamental Concepts ofCourses. (3,9 clinical)Physical Therapy (PTA 1123)1213), and Kinesiology (PTA 1314). (4,3,2) and Fundamental Skills for Physical Therapist Assistants(PTA 1213). (4,3,2) PTA 2424 - ClinicalPTA 2334 - TherapeuticEducation II Exercise and PTA 1324 - TherapeuticRehabilitation IICredit(s): 4 Exercise and This is the first of three Rehabilitation ICredit(s): 4 culminating clinical education This course presents theory,experiences (identified in a Credit(s): 4normative Model of PTA principles, and techniques of Education as the first full-time 411'