b"continue the development of thePrerequisite: BOT 1613, BOTCredit(s): 3 student's transcription skills1623. (3,2,2) including longer and moreThis course will continue complex medical records andBOT 2663 - Advancedcoverage of medical office more difficult physicianCodingpractices using software dictation (foreign accent,simulation.Prerequisite: BOT dialects). All medical specialties2743. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3 are included. Prerequisites: BOT2523 and BOT 2533. (3,1,4)BOT 2763 - Electronic This course provides an in-depth study of coding competencies inHealth Records BOT 2613 -inpatient and outpatient settings. Entrepreneurial ProblemThis course also incorporatesCredit(s): 3 Solvingstandards for national certification exams.This course covers electronic Credit(s): 3Prerequisites: BOThealth records (EHR) in the 2643 and BOT 2653. (3,2,2)healthcare environment as they This course is designed topertain to various healthcare develop business students intoBOT 2673 - Medicalsettings. Prerequisite: Instructor entrepreneurs capable ofInsurance BillingApproved (3,3,0) operating their own companies and to reduce the high failureCredit(s): 3BOT 2813 - Business rate of starting, conducting, andCommunication expanding a business. StudentsThis course is a culmination of will gain experience in problemskills and knowledge ofCredit(s): 3 solving through visits toappropriate procedures for businesses, analyses of casegenerating, processing, andThis course develops studies, and projects and surveyssubmitting health insurancecommunication skills with of current business practices.claims to private andemphasis on principles of (3,3,0)governmental health insurancewriting business correspondence programs. Prerequisites: BOTand reports and preparing BOT 2643 - CPT Coding2643 and BOT 2653. (3,2,2)presentations. Prerequisite: BOT 1713, BOT 1233, or by consent Credit(s): 3BOT 2743 - Medicalof instructor. (3,3,0) Office Concepts This course is an introduction toBaking and Pastry Arts the field of outpatient proceduralCredit(s): 3(BPT) coding and requirements forinsurance reimbursement. This course will provideBPT 1224 - Cookies, Prerequisite: BOT 1613, BOT 1623 or consent of instructor.coverage and integration ofMignardise and Frozen (3,2,2)medical office skills. ProblemDesserts solving will be emphasized. Prerequisite:Instructor BOT 2653 - ICD CodingApproved. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3BOT 2753 - MedicalInstruction on how to make a variety of cookies, biscotti's, This course is an introduction toInformationminiature desserts, ice creams, the field of diagnostic andManagementanglaise, petit fours and sorbets. inpatient procedural coding.Different methods and techniques will be covered such 320"