b"CUT 2314 - AmericanDAN 1113 - Dancewith consent of the instructor. Regional CuisineAppreciation(3,0,6) Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3DAN 1543 - Beginning Ballet This exploration of theA survey of dance as an American Cuisine conceptimportance of worldwideCredit(s): 3 emphasizes freshness,phenomenon of human behavior seasonality, nutrition,and its function in humanDeveloping the practice of ballet indigenous ingredients, andsociety, past and present (3,3,0).skills for the non-major. (3,0,6) presentation. It is a thorough study into the cuisineDAN 1213 - BeginningDAN 1553 - Ballet characteristics and traditions ofModern DanceTechnique II the various regions of the United States of America. (4,2,4) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3CUT 2424 - InternationalApplication and experimentationConstructing and interpreting Cuisineof the practices of movementdiscussion and practice of ballet patterns improvisation, andskills for the dance major. A Credit(s): 4studies in modern dance. (3,0,6)continuation of Beginning Ballet. Open to non-majors with This course is a study ofDAN 1223 - Modernconsent of instructor. (3,0,6) cuisines of the world withDance Technique II emphasis on use of authenticDAN 1711 - Dance ingredients, methods, andCredit(s): 3Repertory terminology. Prerequisites: CUT1124, CUT 1114 or HRT 1114, Application and experimentationCredit(s): 1 or permission of instructor. of the practices of movement (4,2,4) patterns improvisation, andDesigning, composing, creating, studies in modern dance. (3,0,6)contracting and developing a CUT 2923 - Supervisedstructured rehearsal process Work Experience forDAN 1313 - Jazz Dance Iculminating in public Culinary Artsperformance. (1,0,2) TechnologyCredit(s): 3 3D Modeling and Design Credit(s): 3Developing the studyTechnology (DDT) experimentation and application This course is a cooperativeof the basic skills of Jazz Dance.DDT 1133 - Machine program between industry and(3,0,6)Drafting I education and is designed to integrate the student's technicalDAN 1323 - Jazz Dance studies with industrialCredit(s): 3 II experience. Variable credit is awarded on the basis of oneEmphasizes methods, Credit(s): 3techniques, and procedures in semester hour per 45 industrial contact hours. (3,0,9)presenting screws, bolts, rivets, Constructing and interpretingsprings, thread types, symbols the study and application of jazzfor welding, materials, finish Dance (DAN)movement. Open to non-majors and heat treatment notation, working order preparation, 335"