b"HRT 2926 - Supervisedcivilizations of Africa, theCredit(s): 3 Work Experience inAmericas, Asia, Europe, and the Travel and TourismMiddle East from theA study of the nature, scope, and Renaissance to present day. Aeffects of the social problems of global perspective is presentedtoday and the theoretical Credit(s): 6through a survey of history,preventive measures to alleviate literature, music, philosophy,them. Course includes such This course is a cooperativeand the visual arts. (3,3,0)problems as unemployment, program between industry andurbanization, crime, juvenile education and is designed toHuman Services (HUS)delinquency, alcoholism, drug integrate the student's technicaladdiction, and disaster; family studies with industrialproblems include the aged, experience. Variable credit isHUS 1113 - Introduction mentally ill, and retarded. Field awarded on the basis of oneto Human Servicestrips to more fully acquaint semester hour per 45 industrialstudents with social problems. contact hours. (6,0,18).Credit(s): 3(3,3,0)Humanities (HUM)This course is designed toHUS 1143 - Envisioning a enable students to gain knowledge of the history ofBetter Society HUM 1113 - Humanities IHuman Services; understand the present Human ServicesCredit(s): 3 concepts; identify varying roles Credit(s): 3of the HUS worker andThis course is designed to assist understand contemporarythe student in recognizing the Humanities I provides anstrategies in the helpingreality of interconnection and overview of history's mostprofessions; develop skills inthe need for a holistic approach memorable achievementsproblem assessment and inin meeting personal and societal spanning the major worlddetermining appropriateneeds. Students are required to civilizations of Africa, theresponses to client needs;complete 60 hours of field work Americas, Asia, Europe, and theunderstand ethics and the law asin an appropriate agency. (3,1,4) Middle East from the Prehistoricthey relate to the helping Era to the Renaissance. A globalprofessions. (3,3,0)HUS 2113 - Developing perspective is presented throughInterviewing Skills a survey of history, literature,HUS 1123 - Interpersonal music, philosophy, and the visual arts. NOTE: This courseRelationsCredit(s): 3 differs from HON 1913 in that HON 1913 includes a leadershipCredit(s): 3This class is designed to enable component. (3,3,0)the student to effectively use The course covers self-concept,interviewing skills, (i.e., open-HUM 1123 - Humanitieslistening skills, verbal andended questions, clarification, nonverbal communication, skillsreflection, silence, IIinterpretation, summarization, to help resolve interpersonal conflict, and skills in self- body language, etc.) with Credit(s): 3understanding and acceptance.normal and disturbed persons; (3,3,0)demonstrate appropriate Humanities II, a continuation ofinterpersonal skills for one-to-Humanities I, provides anHUS 1133 - Socialone helping relationships overview of history's most(genuineness, accurate empathy, memorable achievementsProblemsnon-possessive warmth, spanning the major worldestablishing rapport, 358"