b'implementation, features andLVT 2273 - Basicsoldering, wiring standards, application of sequences, soundElectricity for Livecalibration, and testing. Upon modules, and digital keyboards.Entertainmentcompletion, students should be Upon completion, studentsable to perform preventative should be able to demonstratemaintenance and minor repairs proficiency by creation ofCredit(s): 3on a wide variety of sound, appropriate musical projectslighting, and performance-using the equipment andAn introduction to the use ofrelated equipment. (3,2,2) techniques covered. (3,1,4)electricity in live entertainment. Voltage, current, power,LVT 2321 - Live LVT 1253 - Recordingresistance, and wattage are covered, using practicalProduction/EntertainmenEngineering Iexamples from the entertainmentt Management field. Power generation and Credit(s): 3distribution, three-phase power,Credit(s): 1 OSHA Safety requirements, and This course covers basic topicsthe National Electric Code as itThis course explores the in the operation of an audiopertains to live entertainment areprinciples, personnel, and skills recording studio. Topics includecovered. Specific applicationsneeded to plan and execute audio theory, console, tapefor lighting, sound, video andvarious live events. Upon machine, processor operation,scenic automation will be usedcompletion, students will create proper microphone placement,throughout the class. A hands-onplans for live events that include multi-track mixing techniques,lab reinforcing and extendingtechnology implementation, and session procedures. Uponthe entertainment relatedsystems design, documentation, completion, students should beelectrical concepts covered inand techniques used in able record, mix, and edit inLVT 2273, Basic Electricity fordeveloping preproduction recording sessions.Live Entertainment, is alsostrategies and post- event Prerequisites: C or better in LVTutilized. Students will gainevaluations. (1,1,0) 1114 and LVT 1211 (3,2,2)hands-on experience with live entertainment electricalLVT 2332 - Live LVT 2132 -technologies, learn to use basicEntertainment Entertainmentmeasurement tools and testProduction Project Promotionequipment, while extending their understanding of the electrical concepts. ProgramCredit(s): 2 Credit(s): 2specific labs will be drawn from the entertainment fields ofThis course provides a capstone This course examines thelighting, sound, video, andexperience for the entertainment elements of marketing andscenic automation. (3,2,2)professional. Topics include promotion as specificallyplanning, preparing, and applicable to the entertainmentLVT 2313 - Equipmentdeveloping a specific business. Topics include theentertainment project, including creation of publicity materials,Maintenanceselecting materials, setting up understanding the process ofand monitoring budget, and developing media relations,Credit(s): 3overseeing a complete project. developing a press kit, andUpon completion, students creating a publicity campaign.This course is designed toshould be able to create an Upon completion, studentsintroduce basic concepts andentertainment project such as a should be able to create atechniques for maintaining andcompact disc, project portfolio, marketing and promotionrepairing sound and lightingor a full concert performance. campaign.(2,2,0)equipment. Topics include basicPrerequisite: C or better in LVT maintenance, troubleshooting,2321 (2,1,2) 371'