b"Credit(s): 3CON 2523 - Projectpractice as governed by ManagementMississippi cosmetology laws, Common practices ofrules, and regulations involved construction using engineeringCredit(s): 3in cosmetology practices and techniques to determinesafety precautions associated relations between equipmentThis course introduces tools andwith each. (5,3,6) production and design criteria.techniques used in project Prerequisite: CON 1233. (3,2,2)management. Topics includeCOV 1255 - Cosmetology defining project scope,Sciences II CON 2313 - Constructionidentifying and tracking risks, Layoutidentify professionalCredit(s): 5 development plan; analyze Credit(s): 3primary project documentsThis course consists of the study including planning, estimating,of anatomy and physiology. Principles of site preparationscheduling, resource control,Included are classroom theory and layout of structures. Useand quality control; and identifyand lab practice as governed by levels, tapes, and surveyingthe Project Managers' role forMississippi cosmetology laws, instruments. Trianglecontinuous improvement. (3,2,2)rules, and regulations involved calculations, differentialin cosmetology practices and leveling, and erection of batterCosmetology (COV)safety precautions associated boards and markers arewith each. (5,3,6) included. (3,1,4)COV 1122 - Cosmetology OrientationCOV 1263 - Cosmetology CON 2413 - ConstructionSciences III Safety StandardsCredit(s): 2 Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3This course will cover the history, career opportunities, lifeThis course consists of the Management of safety andskills, professional image,application and demonstration of health in the constructionMississippi Cosmetology laws;chemistry and electricity. environment. Basic elements ofrules and regulations, andIncluded are classroom theory a safety and health program forcommunicating for success inand lab practice as governed by the construction generalthe cosmetology industry.Mississippi cosmetology laws, contractor are examined toIncluded are classroom theoryrules, and regulations involved include Occupational Safety andand lab practice as governed byin cosmetology practices and Health Administration (OSHA).Mississippi cosmetology laws,safety precautions associated (3,2,2)rules, and regulations involvedwith each. (3,2,3) in cosmetology practices and CON 2513 - Leadershipsafety precautions associatedCOV 1426 - Hair Care I and Organizationwith each. (2,2,0) Credit(s): 6 Credit(s): 3COV 1245 - Cosmetology Sciences IThis course consists of the study Study of the effective leadershipof properties of the hair and and management styles in theCredit(s): 5scalp; principles of hair design; construction industry. Thisshampooing, rinsing, and includes organization of theThis course consists of the studyconditioning; haircutting; construction industry at theof bacteriology, sterilization,hairstyling; braiding and braid local, state, and national levels.and sanitation. Included areextensions; wigs and hair (3,2,2)classroom theory and labenhancements; chemical texture 327"