b"techniques. Perquisite: CATCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 1113. (3,0,6) A concentrated study in graphicConcepts and methodology CAT 1143 - Typographydesign specifically related torelated to the graphic design regional industry needs.industry utilizing current Credit(s): 3Emphasis will be placed onsoftware and related hardware. projects according to industryPrerequisite: CAT 1113, CAT A comparison of traditional usesneeds. Prerequisite: CAT1213, or by consent of of typography with those of a1113, CAT 1213. (3,1,4)instructor. (3,1,4) more contemporary approach. This is an in-depth explorationCAT 2223 - BasicCAT 2323 - Advanced of type in relation to meaningPhotographyAdvertising Design and form with a refined application of drawing skillsCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 before final output on computer. (3,2,2)An introduction to photographyThis course has an emphasis on with emphasis on the digitalgraphic computers to develop CAT 1213 -camera, exposure, composition,and produce advanced graphic Fundamentals ofand lighting. (3,3,3)design projects. This course Graphic Computersutilizes equipment and software CAT 2263 - Web Graphicused in industry. Prerequisite: Credit(s): 3ProductionCAT 2313 (3,1,4)An introduction to graphicCredit(s): 3CAT 2333 - Practical interface computers related toAdvertising Techniques the graphic design industry,An in-depth study of producing utilizing current software andand utilizing graphic elementsCredit(s): 3 related hardware emphasizingdesigned for Internet or web industry specifications, printapplication. Emphasis is placedPerformance skills needed for production, and digital imageequally on aesthetics, technicalproductive employment in the manipulation. (3,1,4)requirements, and principles ofgraphic design/commercial art interactive design. The coursefield. Student interaction with CAT 1323 - Advertisingwill provide a concentratedlocal industry is required. A Principles for Digitalstudy related to colorportfolio of student's work and management, typography,graphic resume' will be Design graphic development andproduced. Industry review is manipulation, digital imaging,required for final grade. Credit(s): 3and creating dynamic webPrerequisite: CAT 2313 or by experiences. The focus is on theconsent of instructor. (3,1,4) Introduction to advertisingproduction and manipulation of techniques, marketing concepts,individual elements and isCAT 2914 - Special careers, industry requirements,recommended as a supplement and regulations specifically forProject in Graphic to a web design application students majoring in visualDesign Technology course or previous experience. technology programs. (3,2,2)Prerequisite: CAT 1213. (3,1,4) Credit(s): 4 CAT 2133 - GraphicCAT 2313 - Basic Design StudioPractical applications of skills Advertising Designand knowledge gained in other Graphic Design Technology courses. The instructor works 322"