b'Study the principles andIET 1214 - Industrialservicing pneumatic and electric techniques of artisticMeasurement ofactuators, positioners, solenoid interpreting including literaryTemperature and Flowoperated valves, self-contained and musical works. Prerequisite:regulators, louvers, dampers, Approval of Instructor. (3,3,0)metering pumps and required Credit(s): 4documentation. Introduces IDT 2413 - Interpretingconcepts of variable speed The second of two introductorydrives and frequency speed Practicumcourses that cover the concepts circuitry for various motor and principles of industrialoperated final control devices. Credit(s): 3measurement required for Prerequisites: IET 1313 (3,2,2) instrument technicians. IET Application of1214 is a study of the concepts, interpreting/transliterating skillsprinciples and devices for theIET 2413 - Industrial in a supervised, approvedmeasurement of industrialControls II site(s). All contact hours will betemperature and flow variables. verifiable, and directCorequisite/Prerequisite: IETCredit(s): 3 observation will be administered1113, EET 1114. (4,2,4) by practicum supervisingA study of process controllers, interpreter. Prerequisite:IET 1313 - Industrialimplementing PID Approval of Instructor. (3,150Controls I(Proportional, Integral, clock hours)Derivative) feedback, cascade, ratio, feed forward and auto Instrumentation &Credit(s): 3select/override and introduce other advanced control Controls TechnologyA review of measurement theory strategies; study techniques for (IET)and includes the principles of loop tuning and calibrating operation, connection,process loop components IET 1113 - Industrialmaintenance, testing,including smart transmitters Measurement of Pressurecalibration, troubleshooting andusing field communicators. Use and Levelrepairing/replacing of pneumaticof Loop documentation and and electronic analog processdrawings. Prerequisite:IET controllers, signal transmitters,2113 (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3recorders, alarms and associated test equipment along with A study of the concepts,IET 2433 - Installation annunciator/shutdown systems principles and devices for theand introduce the concepts ofPractices measurement of industrialproportional, integral, and pressure, level, temperature andderivative control modes, loopCredit(s): 3 flow variables.The student willtuning, and documentation. learn to apply the principles ofPrerequisites: IET 1113, IETA course focusing on the process instruments and devices1214, EET 1114 (4,2,4)principals and techniques for as applied to control andinterconnection of instruments detection of variables.TheIET 2113 - Final Controland equipment in industry. student will perform industrial(3,1,4) pressure, level, temperature andDevices flow measurements.IET 2453 - Corequisite/Prerequisite: IETCredit(s): 3 Troubleshooting and 1214, EET 1114. (3,2,2) A study of the various designsCalibration Principles of Final Control Devices, including principles ofCredit(s): 3 operation, sizing, selection, 361'