b'Other miscellaneous charges may apply according to program of study Dual Credit High School classes - $100 per class*Tuition and book rental fees are the only refundable fees.All other fees are NON-refundable. Health Care Assistant Program ExpensesNon Refundable (Cost may be subject to change) Prior to Entering Program Criminal Background Check $65 - $80 (MGCCC Campus Police) Pre-admission Physical Exam and Immunizations $200 - $300 (required for first day of class) Once Admitted into Program Career and Technical Program Fee $26 per credit hour Textbooks/Workbooks/Rentals $100 - $300 - (Rentals may or may not be available)Substance Testing $29 - $35 per semester Liability Insurance $12 - $15 per semester Uniform, Lab Coat, Shoes, Accessories $200 - $300 Licensure Exam Fees $100 - $200 Cost may be subject to change Health Care Assistant Prerequisites: Submission and approval of college application Criminal Background Check obtained from a MGCCC Campus PoliceCOURSEWORK15 Week Semester450 Contact Hours Basic Health-Care Assisting: HCA 1116Special Care Procedures: HCA 1124Body Structure and Function: HCA 1214Phlebotomy: HCA 1132 200'