b'principles introduced in lectureCredit(s): 42514; BIO 2524; BIO 2924. classes. Prerequisite: MAT(6,4,6) 1313 and MAT 1323 or specialA combined lecture and consent of instructor. (4,3,2)laboratory course coveringPNV 1813 - Mental electricity, magnetism, andHealth Nursing PHY 2424 - Generaloptics. This is a calculus-based Physics II, Lecture andcourse primarily for students ofCredit(s): 3 engineering, science or Laboratory mathematics. Labs associated This course provides the student with this course contain Credit(s): 4with basic knowledge and skills experiments and exercises that to assist in the promotion of the reinforce the principles A combined lecture andemotional, mental, and social introduced in lecture laboratory course coveringwell-being of the client and classes. Prerequisite: PHY 2514. electricity, magnetism, andfamily experiencing a mental (4,3,2) optics. This is a non- calculushealth alteration. Prerequisites: based course primarily for pre- Admission Criteria and Practical Nursing (PNV)coursework:ENG 1113; PSY professional majors. Labs associated with this course1513; BIO 2514; BIO 2524; contain experiments andPNV 1676 - Alteration inBIO 2924. (3,2.67,1) exercises that reinforce theAdult Health Concepts principles introduced in lectureand ClinicalPNV 1914 - Nursing classes. Prerequisite: PHY 2414.Transition (4,3,2)Credit(s): 6 Credit(s): 4 PHY 2514 - GeneralThis course provides the student Physics I-A, Lecture andwith the basic nursing theoryThis course facilitates the Laboratoryand skills to provide safe andtransition of the student to the effective care for the adult clientrole of an entry level Licensed Credit(s): 4experiencing acute, chronic, orPractical Nurse and the life-threatening physical healthpreparation for the National A combined lecture andconditions in selected bodyCouncil Licensure laboratory course coveringsystems. Pharmacological andExamination (NCLEX-PN). mechanics and conservationnutritional therapyPrerequisites: ENG 1113, PSY laws. This is a calculus basedconsiderations for various1513, BIO 2514, BIO 2924, BIO course primarily for students ofdisorders are included. The2524, ENG 1123, EPY 2533, engineering, science, orsystems not covered in thisNUR 1118, NUR 1121, NUR mathematics. Labs associatedcourse are taught in1131, NUR 1100, NUR 1217, with this course containMedical/Surgical NursingNUR 1223, NUR 1200. experiments and exercises thatConcepts and Clinical (PNVCorequsites: PNV 1301, PNV reinforce the principles1666). This course also includes1676, PNV 1813. (4,3,3) introduced in lectureclinical experiences for classes. Corequisite orapplication of nursing theoryPsychology (PSY) Prerequisite: MAT 1613. (4,3,2)and skills for safe and effective care of the adult clientPSY 1513 - General experiencing acute, chronic, or PHY 2524 - Generallife-threatening physical healthPsychology Physics II-A, Lecture andconditions in all body systems. LaboratoryPrerequisites: AdmissionCredit(s): 3 Criteria and coursework:ENG 1113; PSY 1513; BIOAn introduction to the scientific study of human behavior and 408'