b"amenities, and the casinoGRA 1143 - Graphicskills required to care for the marketing plan. (3,3,0)Communication Ilong-term-care resident. Safety is emphasized throughout each GMT 1153 - Casino &Credit(s): 3procedure. Corequisite: Basic Resort ManagementHealth-Care Assisting (HCA Instrumental drawing, geometric1116) (4 sch: 2-hr lecture, 4-hr Credit(s): 3construction, orthographiclab, 3-hr clinical) projection, and descriptive This course will provide angeometry. Includes computerHCA 1132 - Phlebotomy overview of the history,aided design (CAD) in development and operations of2dimensional and 3dimensionalCredit(s): 2 casinos and casino/resorts.construction. (3,1,4) Topics include economics of theThis intensive 75-hour course of casino, its interface with theHealth Care Assistantstudy is designed to prepare hotel, organizations, and(HCA)students for immediate terminology. (3,3,0)employment as phlebotomists in the hospital or clinical setting. HCA 1116 - BasicThe phlebotomist's primary GMT 1163 - Introduction Health-Care Assistingfunction is to assist the to Surveillance healthcare team in the accurate, OperationsCredit(s): 6safe, and reliable collection and transportation of specimens for Credit(s): 3This course includes orientationclinical laboratory testing. to program policies, developingClasses meet on campus (30 This course will discuss theemployability and job-seekinghours) with variable clinical types of surveillance andskills, applying legal aspects ofexperiences at local hospitals or security that is required inhealth care, applying safetyclinics. Students will complete a gaming operations. An overviewconsiderations, communicationminimum 45 hours of clinical of crowd control, terroristand observation skills, medicaltraining and orientation in an threats, and other major incidentterminology, and basic healthaccredited laboratory, and 25 responses will be covered. Thecare procedures. (6 sch: 2 hr.successful unaided blood course will discuss employeelecture, 6 hr. lab, 3 hr. clinical)collections including security measures. (3,3,0)venipuncture and skin HCA 1124 - Special Carepunctures. This course meets the Graphics and DrawingProcedureseligibility requirements for the (GRA)National Credentials of Phlebotomy Technician Credit(s): 4(NCPT). (2 sch: 2-hr. lab, 3-hr. GRA 1112 - Engineering clinical) DrawingThis course includes specialized procedures for admitting,HCA 1214 - Body Credit(s): 2transferring, and discharging clients; assisting with diagnosticStructure and FunctionThe use of instruments,procedures; assisting with geometric construction,treatments; assisting withCredit(s): 4 orthographic projection,elimination needs of clients; sectional views, and lettering.assisting in meeting hydrationThis course includes study of the Includes two- dimensionaland nutritional needs of thestructure, function, common computer assisted draftingclient; basic emergencydisorders, and normal aging-strategies. (2,0,4)procedures to include CPR/firstrelated changes of the aid; and basic knowledge andintegumentary, musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, 350"