b'Credit(s): 1federal legal systems, introducesgraduate and undergraduate. various legal fields for(3,3,0) An application of leadershipprofessional opportunities, styles and skills, roles andpresents legal vocabulary, givesLLS 1723 - Employment functions of officers of studentan overview of different areas ofReadiness organizations.(1,1,0)law, and presents ethics. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 LEA 2821 - LeadershipLearning Life Skills and Organization Skills(LLS)This course is designed to IVprepare students for employment LLS 1323 - Careerby teaching the importance of Credit(s): 1Explorationinterviewing skills, employer expectations, employability An evaluation of leadershipCredit(s): 3skills, work ethics, and job styles and skills, roles andretention skills. (3,3,0) functions of officers of studentThis course is designed to assist organizations. (1,1,0)students in determining careerLive Entertainment goals. Interest tests, personalityTechnology (LVT) LEA 2911 - Leadershipinventories, and aptitude tests & Communication Skillsare given to help studentsLVT 1012 - Introduction Development - Recruitingdetermine career choices. (3,3,0)to Live Entertainment & Public Relations III LLS 1413 - EnhancementCredit(s): 2 Credit(s): 1of Study This course introduces concepts A continuation of LEA 1921.Credit(s): 3of the various technology (1,1,0)systems involved with live This course is designed to aidentertainment events. Topics LEA 2921 - Leadershipthe student in study skills,include components and the & Communication Skillspromote student success criticalbasic operation of these systems, reading and note-takingtechnical requirements for Development - Recruitingtechniques, critical thinking,events and venues, and a survey & Public Relations IVtime management, test-takingof industry job descriptions and strategies, listening and memoryemployment opportunities. Credit(s): 1enhancement. (3,3,0)Upon completion, students should be able to describe the A continuation of LEA 2911.LLS 1423 - College Studyequipment required for live (1,1,0)Skillsevents, the technical requirements of touring Paralegal (LET)performance events, and Credit(s): 3 employment in the industry.LET 1123 - IntroductionThis course is designed as an(2,1,2) to Lawadvanced course in study skills that fosters insight and practiceLVT 1114 - Audio of critical reading skills andPrinciples Credit(s): 3 study techniques needed for This course provides anefficient and effective masteryCredit(s): 4 overview of major principlesof college-level courses, both and functions of the state andThis course introduces audio 369'