b'Philosophy and Religionemphasis on the development ofdelivery system including topics (PHI)critical thinking skills. (Opensuch as the changing role of through invitation only.) (3,3,0)healthcare providers, hospitals, other facilities and governmental PHI 1113 - Old PHI 2613 - Introductionagencies and the relationships Testament Surveyamong such to World Religions entities.Prerequisites: Credit(s): 3Admission into one of the Credit(s): 3PHT/Navigator Concentrations. The student will survey the OldPHT courses must be taken in Testament (Hebrew Bible) withAn introduction to the beliefscurriculum display.(3,3,0)regard to its worth as a literaryand practices of Buddhism,work, along with significantChristianity, Hinduism, Islam, dates, themes, concepts andJudaism, and other religious traditions. (3,3,0)PHT 1213 - Prevention contributions of its characters toand Community Health that history and literature. (3,3,0)Public Health Technology (PHT)Credit(s): 3PHI 1133 - New This course provides Testament SurveyPHT 1113 - Intro toopportunity for study in personal Health Care & Publicand community health problems Credit(s): 3Healthas well as steps that can be taken by individuals and groups to A study of the New TestamentCredit(s): 3reduce risk of health problems covering the life of Jesus offor individuals, families and Nazareth and the establishmentThis course will providecommunities. It also provides an of the early church as presentedstudents with an overview of thein-depth review of the nature of in the Gospels, Acts, and otherpopulation health approach tocommunity health services and New Testament books. (3,3,0)community and public health.resources. The course will Course topics include history,emphasize the need for PHI 2113 - Introductionterminology, philosophy andmultidimensional approaches to Philosophy Iethical principles of communitythat community/public health and public health. This courseprofessionals can use to help Credit(s): 3includes a review of publicindividuals overcome barriers. health policy, healthcarePrerequisites: Admission into An introduction to the majorsystems and the roles of healthone of the PHT/Navigator themes and history of theprofessionals. Prerequisites:Concentrations. PHT courses discipline of Philosophy with anAdmission into one of themust be taken in curriculum emphasis on the development ofPHT/Navigator Concentrations.display. (3,3,0)critical thinking skills. (3,3,0)PHT courses must be taken incurriculum display. (3,3,0)PHI 2113H - Honors PHT 1222 - Health Introduction toInsurance PHT 1123 - HealthCare PhilosophyDeliveryCredit(s): 2Credit(s): 3This course will provide an Credit(s): 3 overview of public and private An introduction to the majorhealth insurance products, themes and history of theThis course will provide a review of the U.S. healthcareservices and delivery methods. discipline of Philosophy with an 405'