b'This course is a study of fetalRGT 1125 - Clinicalstudent with the basic concepts development and the transitionEducation IIof patient care, including to extrauterine environment. Itconsideration for the physical includes the most commonCredit(s): 5and psychological needs of the cardiopulmonary disorders,patient and family. Routine and neonatal and pediatric diseaseThis course involves clinicalemergency patient care processes, and the modes ofpractice and instruction in aprocedures will be described, as treatment. (3,3,0)clinical affiliate. Areas includedwell as infection control are patient care andprocedures utilizing standard RCT 2713 - Respiratorymanagement, radiationprecautions. The role of the Care Seminarprotection, operation ofradiographer in patient equipment, and radiologiceducation will be identified. Credit(s): 3procedures. (5,0,15)(3,2,2)This course is designed toRGT 1136 - ClinicalRGT 1312 - Principles of integrate the essential elementsEducation IIIRadiation Protection of respiratory care practice through the use of care plans,Credit(s): 6Credit(s): 2 case studies, and clinical simulations in a laboratoryThis course is a clinical practiceThis course is designed to environment. Students willand instruction in a clinicalpresent an overview of the develop an analytical approachaffiliate. Areas included areprinciples of radiation protection to problem solving. Criticalpatient care and management,including the responsibilities of thinking is emphasized.radiation protection, operationthe radiographer for patients, (Delivery techniques mayof equipment, and radiologicpersonnel, and the public. include traditional face-to-faceprocedures. Prerequisite: RGTRadiation health and safety or online.) (3,2,2)1125 (6,0,18)requirements of federal and state regulatory agencies, Radiograph (Medical)RGT 1213 -accreditation agencies, and Technology (RGT)healthcare organizations are Fundamentals ofincorporated. (2,2,0) Radiography RGT 1115 - ClinicalRGT 1323 - Principles of Education ICredit(s): 3Exposure & Image Production Credit(s): 5This course is an introduction to Radiologic Technology This course includes clinicalincluding professional,Credit(s): 3 practice and instruction in adepartmental, and historical clinical affiliate. Areas includedaspects. Included areThis course is a study of the are patient care andterminology, medical ethics, andprinciples involving management, radiationfundamental legalmanipulation of factors protection, operation ofresponsibilities. (3,3,0)controlling and influencing equipment, and radiologicexposure and radiographic procedures. Prerequisite: CPR- RGT 1223 - Patient Carequality. Included are the prime Health Care Provider must befactors of radiographic and Radiographyexposure, beam limiting devices, completed before Clinical Education I experience begins.filtration, production and control (5,0,15)Credit(s): 3of scatter and secondary radiation, exposure systems, This course will provide the 414'