b"MAT 1513 - Businessand operations of real numbers.eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Calculus ICorequisite: MAT 1313. (3,3,0)Prerequisite:MAT 1623 (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3MAT 1733 - Geometry,MAT 2323 - Statistics Measurement, and A study of functions, limits,ProbabilityCredit(s): 3 continuity, derivatives, and their applications to business andCredit(s): 3Introduction to statistical economics. Prerequisite: MATmethods of describing, 1313. (3,3,0)Designed for elementary andsummarizing, comparing, and special education majors, thisinterpreting data to include MAT 1613 - Calculus Icourse includes geometricprobability distributions, definitions, shapes, andsampling, estimation, Credit(s): 3formulas; linear and angularconfidence intervals, and measurements; unit conversions,hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: This course includes thestatistics and probability.MAT 1313 (3,3,0) following topics: limits,Prerequisite: MAT 1313 or continuity, the definition of theMAT 1314. (3,3,0)MAT 2613 - Calculus III derivative; differentiation; applications; anti-derivatives.MAT 1753 - QuantitativeCredit(s): 3 Prerequisites: Two years ofReasoning High School Algebra andThis course includes the Trigonometry or MAT 1313 andfollowing topics: analytical MAT 1323 or MAT 1343. MATCredit(s): 3geometry; parametric equations; 1613 and MAT 1323 may bepolar coordinates; improper taken during the same semester.This course is designed forintegrals, infinite series; vectors (3,3,0)students who need only threeand geometry of space. Pre-hours of unspecifiedrequisite: MAT 1613 and MAT mathematics.Includes basic1623 (3,3,0) MAT 1623 - Calculus IImathematical concepts from logic, algebra, set theory, Credit(s): 3probability, descriptiveMAT 2623 - Calculus IV statistics, and This course includes thefinance.Prerequisite:Successf Credit(s): 3 following topics: the definiteul completion of MAT 1233or integral; differentiation andACT Math 19 or higher orThis course includes the integration of transcendentalequivalent ACCUPLACERfollowing topics: partial functions; techniques ofscore.(3,3,0)differentiation; optimization; integration; applications.multiple integration; vector Prerequisite: MAT 1613 (3,3,0)MAT 2113 - Introductioncalculus; quadric surfaces and line integrals; divergence to Linear Algebratheorem; Stokes' MAT 1723 - The Real Number SystemTheorem.Prerequisites: MAT Credit(s): 32613. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3This course includes theMAT 2913 - Differential following topics: systems of Designed for elementary andlinear equations; matrices;Equations special education majors, thisdeterminants; vector spaces; course includes set theory,orthogonality; linearCredit(s): 3 numeration systems, foundationstransformations; applications; of number theory, and propertiesThis course includes the 375"