b'adverse medication reactions.Credit(s): 3groups in a variety of settings. Emphasis is placed on drugPrerequisites: NUR 1118; NUR classifications and nursing careThis course provides an1121; NUR 1131; NUR 1217; related to the safe administrationintegrative, family-centeredNUR 1223; ENG of medication to clients acrossapproach to the care of mothers,1123 (8,4.4,10.8) the life span within the scope ofnewborns, and children. practice of the licensed practicalEmphasis is placed on normalNUR 2322 - nurse and the registered nurse.and high-risk pregnancies,Mental/Behavioral Prerequisites: Admissionnormal growth and Health Criteria and coursework:ENGdevelopment, family dynamics, 1113; PSY 1513; BIOcommon pediatric disorders and 2514;BIO 2924. (1,1,0)the promotion of healthyCredit(s): 2 behaviors in clients. Concepts in NUR 1217 - Adult Healththe course will be emphasized toThis course focuses on the care ensure role delineation for theof clients across the lifespan Iexperiencing cognitive, mental licensed practical nurse as well as the registered nurse. Clinicaland behavioral disorders. Credit(s): 7Emphasis is placed on experiences provide the student management of clients facing an opportunity to apply This course focuses on the careemotional and psychological theoretical concepts and of adult and older adult clientsstressors as well as promoting implement safe client care to with health alterations thatand maintaining the mental mothers, newborns, and children require medical and/or surgicalhealth of individuals and in selected settings within the intervention. Emphasis is placedfamilies. Concepts of crisis scope of practice of the licensed on the care of clients withintervention, therapeutic practical nurse and the alterations in selected bodycommunication, anger registered nurse. function. Concepts of clientmanagement, and coping skills Prerequisites: NUR 1118; NUR centered care, culturalare integrated throughout the 1121; NUR 1131. (3,2,3) sensitivity; informatics, safecourse. The community as a site practice, and professionalism arefor care and support services is integrated throughout theNUR 2318 - Adult Health addressed. Clinical experiences course. Concepts in the courseIIprovide the student an will be emphasized to ensureopportunity to apply theoretical role delineation for the licensedCredit(s): 8concepts and implement safe practical nurse as well as theclient care to clients in selected registered nurse. ClinicalThis course focuses on the caremental health settings. experiences provide the studentof adult and older adult clientsPrerequisites: NUR 1118; NUR an opportunity to applywith complex medical/surgical1121; NUR 1131; NUR 1217; theoretical concepts andhealth problems. Emphasis isNUR 1223 (2,1.6,1.2) implement safe client care toplaced on helping clients and adults in a variety of settingstheir families cope withNUR 2416 - Advanced within the scope of practice ofalterations in body functions. Concepts of Nursing the licensed practical nurse andConcepts of pharmacology, the registered nurse.health promotion and education,Practice Prerequisites: NUR 1118; NURevidence based practice, and 1121; NUR 1131; BIO 2524.interdisciplinary collaborationCredit(s): 6 (7,4,9)will be integrated throughout the course. Clinical experiencesThis course focuses on advanced NUR 1223 - Maternalprovide the student annursing care of clients across the Child Healthopportunity to apply theoreticallifespan with complex multi-concepts and implement safesystem health problems. care to clients and selectedEmphasis is placed on 401'