b"Credit(s): 3ART 1113 - ArtIntroduction to the fundamentals Appreciationof two-dimensional design with Decision making in theemphasis in black and white organization and operation ofCredit(s): 3media. (3,0,6) the farm business. Basic principles of farm management,A course designed to provide anART 1443 - Design II including records, finance,understanding and appreciation taxation and budgeting.(3,3,0)of the visual arts. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3AGR 2713 - Principles ofART 1113H - Honors ArtContinuation of Design I with Agricultural EconomicsAppreciationemphasis in color theory.(3,0,6) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 ART 1453 - ThreeEconomic principles applied toAn honors appreciation courseDimensional Design production, value, prices, credit,designed to increase the students taxation, land tenure, marketing,awareness of the Fine Arts.Credit(s): 3 international trade, and related problems affectingART 1313 - Drawing ITo provide students with an agriculture.(3,3,0)understanding of spatial form in Credit(s): 3three dimensions through the Anthropology (ANR)use of applied design elementsIncludes the study of the basicand principles to studio ANR 2213 - Introductionelements and principles ofproblems in mixed media. to Anthropologyorganization in two dimensions(3,0,6) Prerequisite ART 1443 and the selection, manipulationor permission of instructor Credit(s): 3and synthesis of these components to create anART 1513 - Computer A survey of the four fields andorganized visual expression.Art applied anthropology in theStudents will apply overlapping comparative study offoreshortening and diminishedCredit(s): 3 humanity.(3,3,0)scale. Black and white media will be stressed.(3,0,6)An introduction to the theory ANR 2243 - Culturaland practice of using the AnthropologyART 1323 - Drawing IIcomputer to create art. A study of methods and applications Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3utilizing the computer and selected software applications. This course examines humanContinuation of skills from(3,0,3) culture and cultural diversity.Drawing I with an introduction The student will exploreto color and further study ofART 1913 - Art for techniques employed by thecomposition. Prerequisite: ARTElementary Teachers anthropologist. (3,3,0)1313 or permission of instructor. (3,0,6)Credit(s): 3 Art (ART) ART 1433 - Design IDevelopment of essential NOTE: The department reservesconcepts of children's art the privilege to retain studentCredit(s): 3education in compliance with work for exhibition purposes. 310"