b'Academic Load A typical class load is 15 semester hours. By federal standards, a full-time student is required to enroll in at least 12 semester hours of credit. However, a student maintaining fewer than 15 semester hours is considered part-time at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and will not be eligible for institutional scholarships or the tuition break. A student may not take more than 19 semester hours without permission from the Dean of Teaching & Learning, unless the student\'s curriculum indicates otherwise. When a full-time student drops below 15 semester hours of credit, the student is automatically assessed the part-time tuition rate in lieu of the full-time tuition rate.A residence hall student who drops to part-time status must move out of college housing and continue his/her studies as a commuter student unless the Campus Vice President and the Dean of Student Services approve the student to remain in college housing. Grades At mid-term and again at the end of the semester, the instructors report the academic standing of each student in each course. Mid-term grades and final grades are available to students online at https://mgccc.edu/ in Web Services. Mid-term grades allow students to evaluate their progress; however, unlike final semester grades, they are not official and do not appear on the transcript. A. Definitions of Letter Grades Grades are based upon proficiency attained by the student. This is demonstrated primarily by the quality of work completed in the course. Letter grades used and their meaning are as follows: A - Represents superior or outstanding achievement in prescribed work B - Above-average achievement in prescribed work C - Average level of achievement D - Below-average achievement F - Failure to pass prescribed coursework I - Incomplete* *The prescribed coursework was not finished by the end of the semester. Incomplete grades are issued in special circumstances at the discretion of the instructor.If the work is completed within the following semester (summer term does not count), the "I" may be changed to A, B, C, or D. If the work is not completed within the following semester, the "I" will be changed to "F." IP - In Progress At the end of the grading period, the student is progressing but has not completed the course during that grading period.This grade is utilized for a limited number of competency-based courses.If the student does not re-enroll in the "IP" course, the "IP" will change to an "F" at the end of the following semester (summer term does not count). AU - Audit 56'