b'digestive, urinary, reproductive,American History from AfricanCredit(s): 1 endocrine, and sensory systems;origins to modern times. (3,3,0) stages of human growth andAdmission is by invitation only. development; and nutritionalHIS 2213 - AmericanInterdisciplinary studies of needs through the life cycle.(U.S.) History Iselected issues confronting the Corequisite: HCA 1116 (4 sch:individual and society with 3-hr lecture, 2-hr lab)discussions led by scholars, Credit(s): 3 faculty, and/or students. (1,1,0)HCA 1312 - Home HealthThis is a survey of American Aide and Homemaker(US) history to 1877. (3,3,0)HON 1921 - Honors ServicesForum II HIS 2223 - American Credit(s): 2(U.S.) History IICredit(s): 1This course includes basicAdmission is by invitation only. Credit(s): 3 knowledge and skills required toInterdisciplinary studies ofcare for the homebound clientselected issues confronting the This is a survey of American and basic knowledge and skillsindividual and society with (U.S.) history since 1865. (3,3,0) required to provide homemakerdiscussions led by scholars, services. Pre/Corequisite: Allfaculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) Health Information core courses (2sch: 1-hr lecture, 2-hr lab) Technology (HIT)HON 2911 - HonorsForum III Offered fall semester 2016 History (HIS)semester following stateCredit(s): 1 approval fromHIS 1163 - WorldThe Mississippi CommunityAdmission is by invitation only. Civilizations ICollege Board (MCCB)Interdisciplinary studies of selected issues confronting the Credit(s): 3HIT 1213 - Medicalindividual and society with discussions led by scholars, Terminologyfaculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) This is a general survey of world history from ancient times to theCredit(s): 3 1500s. (3,3,0)HON 2921 - HonorsForum IV This course is a study of medical HIS 1173 - Worldlanguage relating to the various Civilizations IIbody systems includingCredit(s): 1 diseases, procedures, clinical Credit(s): 3specialties, and abbreviations. InAdmission is by invitation only. addition to term definitions,Interdisciplinary studies of This is a general survey of worldemphasis is placed on correctselected issues confronting the history since the 1500s. (3,3,0)spelling and pronunciation.individual and society with (3,3,0)discussions led by scholars, faculty, and/or students. (1,1,0) HIS 1613 - African-American HistoryHonors (HON) Health, Physical HON 1911 - HonorsEducation, Recreation Credit(s): 3 Forum I(HPR) This is a survey of African-351'