b'1163, DDT 1313 and DDTCredit(s): 3testing processes used in ship 1323 (3,1,4)construction and integration of This course is designed tovarious components into a DDT 2243 - Costprovide the student with anfunctional vessel. (3,2,2) Estimatingunderstanding of the ship as a whole and the process of shipDDT 2664 - Marine Credit(s): 3design and planning. (3,2,2)Systems IntegrationPreparation of material andDDT 2563 - IntroductionCredit(s): 4 labor quantity surveys fromto Steel Shipbuilding and actual working drawings andBlueprint ReadingThe content of this course was specifications. (3,2,2)developed for a designer Credit(s): 3apprentice position. This course DDT 2253 - Statics andwill place an emphasis on the Strength of MaterialsThis course provides instructionintegration of hull and marine in basic steel ship building,systems into a complete vessel blueprint reading and thepackage. The design and Credit(s): 3 process of ship design andanalysis of general guidance,planning. (3,2,2)hull structure, propulsion, Study of forces acting on bodies; electrical, command and moments of forces; stress of materials; basic machine design;DDT 2623 - Architecturalsurveillance, auxiliary systems, outfitting and furnishing and and beams, columns, andDesign II annament are investigated. connections. Prerequisite: MAT Included is the study of 1313. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 equipment installation, plating, bulkheads, propulsion systems, DDT 2373 - 3D ModelingEmphasizes standard procedurespower generation, and combat and working drawings. Detailssystems, HVAC and weapons Credit(s): 3involving architectural,management. (4,4,0) mechanical, electrical, and This course will emphasize thestructural drawings are covered,DDT 2813 - Inventor 3D user coordinate system and 3-Dalong with presentation of modeling. Prerequisite:DDTdrawings and computer-aidedModel and Animation 1163, DDT 1313 and DDTdesign assignments. 1323. (3,1,4)Prerequisite: DDT 1613. (3,1,4)Credit(s): 3DDT 2523 - Pipe DraftingDDT 2643 - NavalThis course will provide instruction on the 3D Architecture and Ship applications of lnventor. It Credit(s): 3Structuresemphasizes the development of 3D parametric models and the Instruction in basic steel shipCredit(s): 3ability to generate 2D drawings, building and the process of shipdetails and renderings from the design and planning.This course provides an in-depthmodel. This course will also Prerequisite: DDT 1163, DDTinsight to the overallprovide the utilization of 1313 and DDT 1323 (3,1,4)shipbuilding process. It beginsassembly drawings and with a brief history ofanimation of working parts. DDT 2543 - Steel Shipshipbuilding and proceeds into(3,1,4)Building and Designthe shipbuilding processes, the types of steel used in shipDDT 2823 - Revit manufacturing, welding andArchitecture 337'