b'Auto Collision Repairto enable the student toABT 1443 - Mechanical (ABT)determine the conditions andand Electrical severity of the damage, theComponents I repair or replacement of parts, ABT 1146 - Structural the estimated repair time, and Analysis and Damagecorrect use of referenceCredit(s): 3 Repair Imanuals. (3,2,2) A course designed to provide Credit(s): 6ABT 1236 - Non- theory and practice in the areas of restraint systems, cooling Structural Analysis andsystems, and air A course to provide skills andDamage Repair IIconditioning/heating systems. practice in welding and cutting procedures that are used in theAn introduction to small collision repair industry. ThisCredit(s): 6business management course also covers the completetechniques as applied to the inspection and non-structuralThis course is a continuation ofcollision repair shop.Includes analysis of damaged vehicles. ItNon-Structural Analysis andcomputerized information and is designed to enable the studentDamage Repair I. This courserecord systems. Also included to determine the conditions andprovides instruction forare financial responsibilities, severity of the damage, thepreparation principles andshop layout, inventory, and repair or replacement of parts,practices. This course providesemployee-employer relations. the estimated repair time, andinstruction for outer body panel(3,3,0) correct use of referencerepair, replacement, and manuals. (6,3,6)adjustment principles andABT 1453 - Mechanical practices. (6,3,6)and Electrical ABT 1153 - StructuralComponents II ABT 1313 - Refinishing I Analysis and Damage Repair IICredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 A course designed to provide Credit(s): 3A course to provide skills and theory and practice in the areas practices in vehicle preparation,of brakes and electrical. (3,3,0) This course is a continuation ofcleaning, sanding, metal Structural Analysis and Damagetreatment, and masking. Repair I. This course providesABT 2163 - Structural Included is determining instruction and practice inimperfections in paint jobs.Analysis and Damage unibody inspection,Emphasis is placed uponRepair III measurement, and repair. (3,2,2)personal safety and environmental concerns. (3,1,4)Credit(s): 3 ABT 1223 - Non-Structural Analysis andABT 1323 - RefinishingThis course is a continuation of Damage Repair IIIStructural Analysis and Damage Repair II. This course provides Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3instruction and practice in unibody inspection, A course in the procedures andContinuation of Refinishing I.measurement, and repair. (3,2,2) practices for metal finishing andIncluded are types of paint body filling. This course alsodefects and paint gunABT 2243 - Non-covers the complete inspectionapplication and maintenanceStructural Analysis and and non-structural analysis ofprocedures. (3,1,4)Damage Repair III damaged vehicles. It is designed 307'