b'serology. Prerequisites:MLTdistribution from producer toMMT 1323 - Advertising 1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614.consumer. Topics include types, (4,0,12)functions, and practices ofCredit(s): 3 wholesalers and retailers and MLT 2964 - Clinicalefficient techniques in theThe role of advertising as an Practicum IIIdevelopment and expansion ofintegrated marketing markets. (3, 3, 0)communications tool. Topics Credit(s): 4included are product and MMT 1123 - Marketingconsumer analysis, media This course includes clinicalManagementselection, and creation of practice and didactic instructionadvertisements. (3,2,2) in a clinical affiliate and/orCredit(s): 3 comparable simulatedMMT 1413 - environment. Areas covered areA project-based course as aMerchandising Math hematology, clinical chemistry,continuation of MMT 1113. immunohematology, urinalysis,Prerequisite: MMT 1113. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 3 microbiology, coagulation, and serology. Prerequisites:MLTMMT 1223 - ConsumerStudy of the mathematical 1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614.Behaviorcalculations involved in basic (4,0,12)business operations. Credit(s): 3Fundamental principles and MLT 2974 - Clinicaloperations in buying, pricing, Practicum IVThis course introduces theand inventory control. (3,3,0) fundamentals of consumer Credit(s): 4behavior patterns andMMT 1753 - Marketing motivations of the buyingSeminar This course includes clinicalprocess and their relationship in practice and didactic instructionthe marketplace. ConsumerCredit(s): 3 in a clinical affiliate and/orbehavior is the study of comparable simulatedindividuals, groups, orDevelops leadership skills and environment. Areas covered areorganizations and the processeshuman-relations skills necessary hematology, clinical chemistry,they use to select, secure, use,for success in the field of immunohematology, urinalysis,and dispose of products,marketing management. Special microbiology, coagulation, andservices, experiences, or ideas toprograms and activities will serology. Prerequisites:MLTsatisfy the needs and the impactsaddress topics directly related to 1324, MLT 2424, MLT 2614.that these processes have on themarketing careers and career (4,0,12)consumer and society. (3,3,0)development. Emphasis will be placed on developing civic, Business and MarketingMMT 1313 - Sellingsocial, and business Management (MMT)responsibilities. (3,2,4) Credit(s): 3 MMT 1113 - Principles ofMMT 2113 - Internet MarketingBasic principles and techniquesConcepts of professional sales and their practical application. TopicsCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3include basic elements ofconsumer behavior, developingProvides an inclusive review Study of principles andselling, strategies, closing and problems of marketing goodsand understanding of the servicing a sale, and developingInternet focusing on creating and services and methods ofconsumer relations. (3,2,2) web pages through various 382'